I see all my dreams

Crushing in in front of me

What'd you think?

Do you know how'd it made me feel?

Right now it hurts me here

Deeper than my heart can go and

Now that all my dreams are taken

All my hopes were shaken suddenly

I don't know how and I don't know why

But I know this thing just recently occured

What's bugging me is....

" I have tried the best to keep my dreams alive. Yet you found a way.

A way to smash it all in to pieces I cannot see..."


Now I wonder what could

Possibly go wrong

When I thought everything would end well

I was proven wrong once again

By you and if that's not enough

You tore away my heart

Ripping it all away

And never looking back

If there is a way

To pay you back

I will not hestitate...

I will not hestitate...


" I watch the sun rise and how it sets. It seems like every time I'm so high you bring me down.

Bring me down deeper than the darkness within me...."

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I hope if reading this....


I lik your song but instead i think you should say Suddentyl saken at the first part

It's my style bro.....


Waw, you must have been very sad when you writed this song :p but it's very nice :d:d


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