Here is a new song I've written


Here within this awaken life

Why must I live by feeling so mistaken tonight?

When I close my eyes at night is only when I can truly

see the colors of your light


Am I weak or is my heart consealed with its own might

Is it possible to even feel alright as I'm nothing without you

Walking on this road alone just to make it through


Asking questions

Searching for answers

Getting lost in between only to ask

Will we ever know what to do

Will we ever know what to do


Let the moment pass

Erase the dark clouds from the sky

Replace this pain with something I can feel

Seal the darkness only to ignite

Tell me what is right and show me what is true

Will someone show me what is true?


Destiny has drew the line here

Living with this empty fear cause we can only see each other in our dreams

Lets not awake

Sleep forever on the scene so we can be one

One day on this path you'll grab my hand

Here I am waiting on this outcome

Until then I run

I run

I run

Catch me before I fall and forgive me for what I've done

Teach me everything again

All I want to change is what I have become

All I want to change is what I have become

Change what I've become

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I really like the meaning of this song it's so strong and deep and it speaks the truth. Love it.

Keep up the good work!

good lyrics now check out this



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