Hey guys, since u haven't heard from me for awhile, I thought this title wuld be appropriate:

"Ohhh fuck he's back"
That's right I'm back
And I don't give a fuck if its 3am or not
This'll be ur horror story till I collapse
New place
New faces
New friends
And don't treat me like shit
Cuase I got manic friends with 40's
So come along girl
Fuck this boy cuase he's a prick
And now I got my own 4 walled room of bricks
Shits talking shit
I don't give a fuck
I'm flying high mother fucker
And u can't bring me down so suck it!!

Cuse I'm back
And u can't stop this now
Cuse I'm back
And I'm not fucking black

Goes the sympathizers
I broke up with her months ago
So fuck of cuse we r still friends
U shits trying to cuse drama
Fuck someday a little thing will catch up to u called karma
Cuase have u heard bout that pussy hitting on Jay-Z?
Bitch dropped dead cuse she didn't have enough dough
And if u fuck with me, thts wat ur rep will be u ho
Ho ho and a pile of shit on u
U u u all of u
Don't worry everything will blow over........ Not


See all this negativity
I aint into it
I aint saying shit
So don't say shit bout me
And ull be free with me
Like me when I get bitches all over me
Fucking free bird thts right
No more bull shit public school
Ohh btw how many times did I say tht I won't be coming bak?
Fucking shit this time I guess I'm right
Guess I'm not a liar after all....


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u r welcomed dear , we r very happy to hear from u again

Haha rellina and I'm glad cuse I actually missed everybody on this cite! And how is life treating u?


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