hi guys

this maybe allitle bit long for a lyrics but it's a piece of writing that i really care about

tell what what you think of it



Guilty Somehow


You wanted me bad, I know that don’t say it

But you did know that it wouldn’t happen well, I did too

And now when it’s all done and gone

I just wonder, maybe if I could get back in time

I’d probably be able to change something, maybe be more careful

Maybe if I could just touch the memories, flip the pages of our dairy 

Maybe I was wrong as you were then…



But don’t forget you asked for too much then

Too much that I couldn’t take them all

But even though you had mistakes and made me lose all my trust

Know that I feel guilty somehow now (guilty somehow)

I feel like I was guilty somehow


I don’t know how it happened or started

But it was a little bit too late when I knew how you felt

Cz at that time you’ve already fell so deeply that I couldn’t do anything

Talking to and explaining things wouldn’t work I knew

I respect you, your feelings and I love you

But it’s not just the way you wanted it and I’m sorry for that

And I’m sad to see you sad, tired and disappointed



Got angry I can feel it and you try to make me so

But then you regret, come back and look at me with a smile

Cz you can’t stop your heart and your feelings

You think that I let you down and some how I feel so

Well but you did let me down too, don’t forget

I wasn’t proud of you falling for me and I never thought you’d

The moment I knew all about it I was mixed up not delighted

Happy or sad don’t even know now

Just know that I never wanted to break your heart

And believe me after this I think that everybody hurt someday

No matter how much you trust or love everybody changes just like that


But don’t forget …

I feel that I was guilty somehow

I feel that I was guilty somehow









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thank you jo


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