Tell Me something I don't already know

I don't want to hear it again

I don't need to hear your lies

just shut up



Thers nothing left for you to say

I know you lie everyday

I already know it anyway


Why whats with the lies

There screaming in my mind

What is all this

I not goning to fall for you again


(screamo solo)

No more lies

Im gonna find you x4

(guitar solo)

I don't want you.....anymore x4

I don't need to know

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actually very good but I think you have some grammatical mistakes in there

I'm from germany and if this is kind of a slang then sorry

by the way I think this screamo part kicks ass

I can feel it somehow you know

Finally bro! Where'd you go?


what do you mean with "where'd you go?"

Ernn Tura said:

Finally bro! Where'd you go?


wonderfull, you rock like a rockstar

yeah what u mean?

Ernn Tura said:

Finally bro! Where'd you go?


He means i have not been on fo a while


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