"Good Enough"

Am I good enough for you?
Am I strong enough for you?
I want to devour your kiss
And I want to live through this
So am I good enough for you?
Will I walk with you?

Am I good enough for you?
Am I brave enough to fall with you?
I want to fly away with you
And remember all that we do
So am I good enough for you?
Will I fall in love with you?

Walk with me, give me your name
We'll walk through the pain
Walk with me, lift me up
We'll walk in the rain
Fall into you
Fall with you
It's all I want is to sleep with you
Breathe with you
Breathe all of you
It's all I want is to bleed with you

Am I good enough for you? x4

Ooh x10


(Has piano and acoustic guitar with drums and some bass)
"Slept So Long"

Walking, wanting
Breathing, seeking
Alone without a care
Haunting, feeding
Raping, killing
Blood I drink makes immortality fair
I walk amongst the living, hunger for the thirst driving me
I see Hell in her eyes, the one who made me
I submit to her sexual sadism through each victim we suck dry
And now, this is my fucking life

I've slept so long with her by my side
Now we walk in the open every cold night
Immortal purebloods we become as the perfect killing couple
I've slept so long, but now I'm awake, darkly nocturnal

Sleeping, finding
Suffering, whining
The victims' faces remind me of my fate
Loving, craving
Fucking, hating
Blood I devour is better than feeling hate
I walk in the shadows of the night, seeking another victim
I see sadistic insanity in her heart, the one who created me to feed with her on them
I submit to her extreme control everytime we feed on such delicious blood every night
And now I claimed another wasted life


I'm alive, my heart is serpentine
I'm free, my soul is evil personified
With her by my side, I will grow stronger
welcome to the bloodthirsty dark forever


I'm no longer sleeping
The animal is coming out of me x6

I've slept so long but now I'm awake again
Two thousand years in sleepy hibernation, but we're walking again.


All these years, I let it slip away
Redo it all again since I'm lost along the way

Wrapped up in my torment
Photographs all torn and what it meant
Smoke a cigarette, sift into nothing again
Here I go again, crawling into a hole within

All this pain it tears me apart
Bury myself in my broken heart


Suffocate, tolerate
Irate, I hate
You're superfical and fake
This I am forced to take


Can I hold on?
Will I be strong?
Look at the web you're weaving
Trap me until I'm not breathing

Chorus x2

"Schizophrenic Suicidology"

Give up
Fuck up
Sew it up
Cut it up
Shut up
Look it up

I hate all that we are x4

Fed up
Step up
Screw it up
Chop it up
Fuck off
I fall apart as I cut my face off

Chorus x4

Schizophrenic verses so subliminal
Schizophrenic verses so incorruptible
I don't want this anyway
Take this away!

Chorus x10

SHUT UP! x10

“Life of Scars”

As I walk away, into the darkness of the night
Perfectly bleeding, nothing goes right
As I look at memories, scars that isn’t fitting for me
Just let it burn inside like it’s sulfur I’m breathing
Now I am loco, just escaping these little voices
Self-medicate or self-destruct, it’s all the same old bullshit, same old choices
It’s okay, I need to be alone
Hold myself close and cry as long I feel this in my soul

You don’t need to bother – just let me sleep in my grave
It’s something you can never comprehend, something I just need to brave
Try to understand this – I have to die
I just need to slip away from reality, once I hold on I won’t let go until it bleeds suicide

Hide my face like I was a zombie
A friend once told me, “Hold on for a better tomorrow and embrace all of me”
But how can I go on knowing I cannot find myself in a life where there’s a light that I can never have?
Haunted by all these voices of my Schizophrenic mind, I just need to die alone without my other half
They just need to walk away, let me cut as I need some kind of relief as I bleed
Will things ever be okay for me?


Just let me cry in sorrow, let Death eat up my cold heart
Let my soul go to the depths of Hell – I should’ve took that suicidal knife into the lonely heart
Once I was happy, now I’m all alone
This life is just too old for me to live alone so I catch the disease of the dark cold
It’s okay, that friend is trying to lead me home
I may be comforted by her kind words, but I just need to die all alone
I must cut myself to the breaking point again
Grow this old, weary pain of mine and let myself die within
Fuck this world, I will sleep again and go back to where I once died
I guess my only answer is suicide
Goodnight – I go to sleep, never to rise again
Just feeling the way I feel, you’ll never see me again

Chorus x2

My life is made for suicidal scars x10

No way out except my downfall, my tormented suicide…


All the things that's gone
All hope is gone
I'm coming undone
I'm waiting for her to come here
I need an angel
Still waiting for a miracle
I'm so alone here
I gotta get out of here

I'm going home
(Save me now)
I'm going home
(Before I fall down)
No taste for the crow they feed me
Not again - I leave to breathe
I'm going home
I'm sick of being alone

It's so cold here
I'm crying, lost in Schizophrenic fear
It's my fault - I'm in another hotel room again
I'm trapped in forced prosititution again
I'm just an used whore for sale
I'm sure I'm going to Hell
I'm so far away
Before I freeze to death, can I have something to say?


I'm all alone
I'll see you at the bottom x4

Chorus x2

I walk this life alone
In my transgender shell, I'm all alone
I'm going home
It's so cold...


You can take all the things I love
You can burn heaven above
All the scars I wear on my sleeve
All the stories it tell to heal, you refuse to see

I know what you try to do
Even in darkness, I see through you
I know what it means
And you want to torment me

You leave me on the edge of sanity
I can't hold on to much
I gotta avoid my last breath
You paint me out as an mockery
I need some help
I gotta avoid cutting myself

You can take away my pride
You can try to burn me alive
All the words I say, my disdains
All the lives I could save with my pain

I know what you want from me
Even in loneliness, you try to break me
I'm put to the test
I need a moment of breath


I try to hold on to what's left of me
Try to survive before you murder me
You're the Devil to my eyes
You're the nightmares in my mind
You're the voices of suicide
My flesh is bleeding from inside
My skin is emotionally torn
My heart is on my sleeves being worn
You can try to break me
But you can't take me

Chorus x2

I know what you are
You're my scars
All the things I cherish most
It's become what you hate the most!

"Warm Safe Place"

You're my shelter from the rain
My cure from the pain
The pills that eases my suffering
The air I'm breathing

My warm safe place
I kiss your beautiful face
My warm safe place
You're why I tolerate

You're the light that helps me find my way
You keep me sane along the way
My shield that keeps the voices away
You're why I live everyday


You're why I wake up in the morning x4

Chorus x2

My warm safe place
Away from all the hate.

"Soma the Deadgirl"

The beauty you wear, the honesty that makes you care
All the things you cherish that you hold dear
I feel your pain, so deep yet raw
If only I could bring down your walls
Give you what you crave
True submission and dead memories for you to burn away

All the beautiful and strange ways
All the things you say
My voices are your angels
They devour us both, burning within the Devil
But to me, you're always my Dead Girl
My friend, my guardian angel

The skin you wear, the eyes you stare with
The shit you dish out when life's a bitch
You feel so alone in the darkness
If you could care enough to let me into you and end your sadness
Give you what you desire
New life to breathe and a new burning fire


Then I fall into you
You take me deeper than I've ever been before
Then I fall into you
The pain we once felt is no more


The Deadgirl I cherish most x4

Remember - you're never alone.

I'm waiting to embrace you
I'm waiting to love you
I'm always waiting
I'm not fading
I'm waiting to help you
I'm waiting to care about you
Just let it out
I'll catch you if you fall down

I know life is fucked up
I know it's hard to hold on
I know those voices won't shut up
I know it's hard for you to be strong
You're afraid of living
Luckily, I'm so forgiving
But do me a favor
Wake up & walk with me together
I'll hold your hand if I have to
I'll be bound & gagged with you
I'll bleed with you
But try to open up - I'll be next to you


I know you're so afraid
I know it's hard to walk tall
I know you & your conscience are at a fray
I know it's scary to paint the pain on an wall
You're afraid of revealing
Luckily, I'm still caring
But do me a goddamn favor
Come see the real you with me together
I'll hold you in my arms if I have to
I'll be whipped & chained with you
I'll cry with you
But try to let it out - I'm right here with you


I'll fall with you
I'll crawl with you
Waiting for you
Bleeding to be born again next to you


So how do you feel now?
Are you okay now?

Lyrics to "Something Like Me"

I need to let go, there's nothing left to hold on to
I'm trying to wake up, just so I could walk home to you
I have to confess my beautiful sins I made with my hands
All I ask of you is be there and hold my hand
All I know is that I'm so fucked up again
And I wish that I could heal my pain within

So crawl inside and medicate your love into me
Your hearts that care about something like me
Open up the floodgates so I can let it out inside
Give me the strength to live through another night

I'ms so afraid - I'm not used to people helping me
I'm insane - how can you really say you care about me?
I never heard anyone say nice things to me
I never had anyone to care enough to save me
All I ask is that you be there to help me cross over
All I know is that I'm alone in being transgender


I take those pills that reveals the girl inside of me
And there's nothing that's here to help me sleep
My depression never left me alone - it won't go away
And the hateful atmosphere is killing me everyday
I don't have many friends - they all backstabbed me
I don't have anyone brave enough to even love me


I'm traumatized and I have a personality that's so rebellious
And I know I'm the only one that's hated
I try to do good, but they all tear me down
Now I let out the Devil that I had stuffed so far down
There's no angel, nothing good left of me anymore
And here I go, falling apart just like before

Chorus x2

It's all my fault - I should've never opened up
But you care too much, enough for me to not give up
I'm grateful for you, my only support system
You're the only ones that understand my transgender anthem

I'm so misanthorpic, but at least you love something like me.

“Sleeping In the Rain”

I dug a hole inside my lover’s heart
I sleep in it to ease my pain – stricken heart
I cry myself to sleep, a dark cloud over my head
I hear these ghosts like I can hear the demonic dead
Waiting to breathe as I suffocate without air
I can’t go on, I’m already breathing sulfur

Chorus –
It’s raining
I’m fading
It’s raining
I’m hating x2

I’ve fallen into sleep in this new bed
So many years since my lover was dead
I can’t seem to heal, I’m too fucked up
Can the ghosts please shut up?
I have waited for so long to fade away
Just so I can rest in peace to join my lover someday

Chorus x2

I can’t escape; I can’t even fall in love again
I’m so lost within
It’s hard to let go of what I have lost
Fuck your Jesus Christ – He’s still on the cross
So far I’ve crawled to an early grave
The lonely afterlife my lover spends made my heart her slave
I miss my lover
She’s gone forever

Chorus x4

I can’t let go x4

It hurts me too much to let go of her.

“Transgender Girl Lost In The Castro” by Sarah Lovecraft

I feel all alone, can anyone hear me?
I feel so cold, can anyone find me?
I walk the lonely streets here in San Francisco
It’s an December night and oh, so cold
I don’t mind the weather but I mind the loneliness
Who would love something like this?

Chorus –
I’m the transgender girl lost in the Castro
Pride flags everywhere – am I home?
Could it be that I’m alive?
Maybe it is, but I need someone to help me survive
I’m home but I’m still so alone
I’m home but no one notices me walking alone

I still hear the streets cry out their disdains
Stonewall Riots still remembers our pain
Transgender Day of Remembrance is still haunted
For some reason, we’re still being eliminated
But I’m queer and I’m still here
Would somebody please talk to me so I won’t be alone in fear?


So far away I am from where I reside
Can the world hear my sorrow I hold inside?
I’ve always been alone in my butterfly transition
So before I cross over, I need friends to make the best of my situation
Walk with me
Stay with me


Chorus (altered) –
I’m the transgender girl lost in the Castro
I’m alive and breathing in San Francisco
You are my friends who’s proud to be queer
I’m so fucking glad that we’re still here
Raise our Pride flag up high and burn the skies above
So this is our world we take care of with love

Hello, San Francisco
I’m home…


Tell me what you guys think - I'll add more later asap

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