i'm sitting alone , flipping the pages of my dairy
trying to get back in time, want the memories to come back and talk
want them to played as a movie inside my head
cz now im in a place where i need these memories
need them to shine and remind me of the past
right now im having a strong sense of deja vu
so i dnt want the same mistakes to happen again
old pics, piece of writings, old souviners
all lead me to there, where there's no one else except me
searching the chambers of my brain
trying to find one more way, one more clue, one more thing

trying to get on the road, trying to open the right door
but i have a fear of past, which follows the steps of mine
so i just gave myself to it, cz i know i cant hide
and no need for decieving and looking around
yeah i dnt wanna be dejected again, i want to do the right thing this time
that's why i need my memories to find out what was wrong then ,and correct it this time
i dnt wanna be dismayed again

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I like what it is about



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