Oh why must we face this world today?

Its easier to runaway but its harder to face

everything that’s right in front of you

Separate me from the darkness

Pull me through to seek whats true

When are you gonna stop giving in and

know what you’ll have to do

Were too afraid to challenge ourselves to defeat the past therefore

we are always looking for something ahead of us, something new

Sew these scars that have pinned me down so deeply

We’ve chosen the wrong paths so freely yet somehow we’ve

managed to escape from the leftover pain which has made us

hurt so badly

In our minds we’ve know consciously to turn towards another way

What if there is a reason to why we’ve decided to stay here

Is that you standing there?

Someone to care for me

A thousand miles farther you’ll still be my eyes that help me see

In the wage of war this smoke surrounds us, taunts us with lies and lust

Don’t lose your trust

Take my hand

Here we’ll flee

Here we’ll flee away from all misery

Were living one moment of a memory

(A memory)

A memory

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