i dont know what to name it yet, its not completely done but you can give me ideas too =)
This song was made because of my dad....
here it is:

why do you do the things that you do?          (guitar: g-c-f-a *4)
you keep pushing me down but i always get up,
why dont you just let me go?
you know what im going for and i wont give it up.

Im not what you want me to be,             (guitar: a-c-g *4)
and im not going to be what you are,
and i need a little room to breath,
cant you see that your sufficating me?

why dont you let me try to live my dream?   (guitar: g-c-f-a *4)
you feel like a deep cut underneath my skin,
you always try to make me feel like a fool,
to acomplish my dream, is that a sin?

Push me some more,         (guitar: eeee-f-eeee-gf *3)
Im about to break!
Push me some more
Im about to break!
Push me some more,
Im about to break!


why do you do the things that you do?    (guitar: e-f-g *3)
I need some time alown in my room,
Because i need some time away from you,

stop doing all the things you do,            (guitar: a-c-g *3)
you say you support the things i love,
but is that what he sees from above?

he sees from above   (guitar: cc-gg)
he sees from above.. (guitar: cc-gg)
(guitar: fffffff a------ )

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