New song I wrote today. I'm half way through it. Ive gone back to my screamo/heavy/metal style due to a special request :P Hope you guy like it

"Unofficial Paradise"


I know you know what I have seen

It's still a razorblade dream

We destroy what we create

Nothing is ever left the same


The world collapses all around us

Where do we hide from it all?!

Walk outside, streets on fire

Day to day, a bloody riot




Chorus x2 :


(Sing) Tell me what you're looking for?

(Scream/Growl) Unofficial Paradise!!!

(Sing) Tell me what you're waiting for?

(Scream/Growl) I can't get far enough from here!!!




Give me a bloody break

All I want is to run free

Under a fearless moonlit sky

The stars cleaning our bloodshed from our minds!!


The slate needs to be wiped clean

The hatred and violence buried for eternity












Abd that's as far as I've gotten so far. I still have to add music to it also. But I wreckon it's going to be very heavy metal :P

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Nice! thats awesome that you can write different styles of music as well
I like, that U use growl in this song!!! =)
cheers! At lot my influence for these songs comes from Drowning Pool, LP, Killswitch Engage
Those are all great bands! i'm training myself to scream like killswitch
Just be careful with the screaming/growling......i used to be able to do it before i ripped my vocal chords and i can only just about sing now
good lyrics now check out this



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