©Nadia Lorena González Paredes

           All rights reserved

Copy of this will made only by featured members (Mike Shinoda, Joe Hahn, Rob Bourdon, Brad Delson, Chester Bennington, Dave Farrell) 

I’m building a life that’s not mine
Saying out of time the words that I’d said before
I was fell in your branches
But you never caught me

Repeating wrong moves again
Saying what has said before
But the things won’t be like this anymore
I’m trying to keep it better

All the past was trashed away,
All the words that were never said
Has becoming part of me,
On to a game never played

The lights on the train was turned off
The clouds were taking home
See how they’re took you away
 Before saying anything

©Nadia Lorena González Paredes

All rights reserved


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I saw your pics. Really love it...


thanks again! :D

Your motto is thanks. Huh?


don't be rude... ;D  and why you love my pics?

Cause I'm a photographer. I naturely love pictures. Digital or old fashioned. I'm sorry if you think i got rude. I typed it wrong....


ok no problem... wow! you're a photographer??

Yup. Part time

That is why I appreciate pictures...



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