I'm from Hong Kong and my english is not good.This the part 1/2.hope you enjoy!!




(When its lunch time)


I AM VERY HUNGRY and I lost in the hungryness inside of me


(I was starving)


Then I go to the dinning room, And I found everybody eating my food


(Inside my mind)


I've got nothing to eat and I feel ill

I want to faint like what the old men do


(No time to loose)


just hungry, holy crap, eat the food by my own, eat the food by my own


I want to eat I want to drink

what I always like to do

I want to eat every stuff in the room


I want to eat I want to drink

like I'm almost feel enough

I wanna eat everything in the fridge

My lunch belongs to me

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And I found everyone ARE eating my food
I want to eat every stuff in the fridge

Hahaha. NICE.
Well... you COULD have done something more than this. It's really good in a humoristic way but not in an artistic way.Hope
you listen to my advice



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