When you said that you loved me you didn't mean it

I don't mean this in a hateful way but im tired of all the lies

These hurtful alibies

and im sorry to say we are not ment to be

This is what i finally see

Im am sorry


I am so,so,so sorry as you can see

We just are not ment to be

I don't hate you

Its just some things that you do

The way you treat me

Please don't hate me....

Pick up the pieces see the damage you've done

There was a time i thought you were the one

(screamo solo)

Look at what you've done......

Good God I thought you were the one

I  don't hate you...

Just the stupid thing you say and do.........


(Guitar solo)

I am so,so,so Sorry..... We just can't be

Can't you see we just are not ment to be.......

can't you see.............

Never will I forget you...............

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you roooooooooooooooooooockkkkkk, are u inside ma head or what, it makes me cry, thanks alot for ur brain and hands, lol

dnt forget us when u make the band u talked about





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