now it hurts to leave u like this
but remember i aint gone for good,
so throw ur hands into the sky
and dont let my spirit die
and dont u fucking cry
cuse im about to cry
im gonna fly away from here
see u in a couple years
mother fucking right
im gonna be a changed man when i come back,
so wen i come bak dont turn ur back,
and if ur asking for a encore
then go fuck a ho
cuse i aint turn around

"standing on the rooftops
everybody sing ur heart out"

now i got news of my friend
i gess hes a pediphile
for fucking his 13 year old girlfriend
what a fucking surpise
hes a one o' kind pediphile
be careful tonight
he might be in ur closet
and hide ur kids
he might fuck him too
and i can say all this
cuse im leaving here tommorrow
and dont even fucking try this
so fuck it
drink some beer
have some wine
and find someone to ride
all the home with
cuse ull fucking need it


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Replies to This Discussion

Nice put to the right volcals and music it will work

sad it touched my heart but you damn alot jo i mean instead of trying to find some solutions to the problems

but the lyrics is really good , hope  u go back to her someday with a proud head

as i told kyle kirby , hope mike had the time to read these lyrics and pick them up for an album it would be really nice


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