Standing on the surface of the earth

These wings spread as my hands are reaching towards

the light of rebirth 

Have you left me to stay or have you pushed me away cause

these dark clouds of smoke are suffocating me with this curse

Can you guide me towards another side cause I need someone to

show me another place of this remorse 

Pieces of dust have outweighed theses shoulders as this feeling hurts so badly

So calmly searching for a spark of light within the dreams that we seek

No need to remain so sadly 

Here this deceit will be erased 

Will this pain ever be replaced 

The shine can be traced upon our faces again

Its just us standing 

Don't believe in the end of the world

Watch the changes swirl as you haven't let go of me just yet

Wipe off the tears that you've wept from every night when you've cried

Searching from the inside 

Will we find the answers that have been held behind

Follow the signs cause you never know where we'll end up

From everything that been lost has been found 

Oh how we now

We've taken in enough

We've taken in enough

Since the silences turned to sound 

You will lift yourself from everything that has felt rough from before

Walking further more

Walking further more

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Amazing!!!! Are u a lyricist or a songwriter? ;)

thx for the feedback. i actually write lyrics just for fun but i'd want to be a lyricst for a band or something. now that would be cool
anwesha mohapatra said:
Amazing!!!! Are u a lyricist or a songwriter? ;)



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