Wake up, Wake up

Wake up to the emptyness

Fall asleep with the sirens

Its time for the end

But this night mare is neverending

This is a neverending nightmare



This is a figment of your..........


I can't stand this

I can't live this nightmare


Come on, come on

You will make it

Your weakness will fall

Your hope will be renewed


(screamo solo)

No, No

You have to wake up, You have to....

I can't go on without you


( guitar solo)


God please , please light up a path


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Finally! It's so frickin awesome dude!!


Ernn Tura said:

Finally! It's so frickin awesome dude!!

 Thanks bro!!!

To whom did you dedicate this? I'm very puzzled.


nice dear
Its not really dedicated to anyone...



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