(Pig Squiel)

My God, My God x2

Where Are you Now?

Dear God, dear God x2

how can they not know?


Tell me something i don't know

No wait you'll miss your lying show

what do I even mean to you?

Are you giving in too?



Dear God , dear God

Please come back and save me

Its time for a brand new begging, Its time

My God, My god please save me

(pig squiel) No!


Lets take it back

when i had a little slack

When the skies wern;t so black

God please save us all

Catch me before i fall

(Screamo solo)

Im not good enough

Im no good for you x4

(guitar solo)

My God, My God

I keep failing

Why is this happening

Let my hopes be renewed

Let my weaknesses fall

(chours 2)

Let This failure end

I can no longer defend X4

( I'm so broken, I'm so broken)

(pig squiel)

(screamo solo 2)

No more rejection

No more Failure

No more till time fades away x2

(guitar solo)

this is the end x6

But only for the new beggining




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It's cool dude.


Hey Kyle, why are you not writing anymore?




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