"Untitled/The Loneliness and the Scream/Every Teardrop is a Waterfall/Eyes" remix with a little piece of rap I added myself

Hey guys,
Here's a remix tht I did because it sounds good, it describes what I'm going thrgh rite now, and for the attractive ladies tht I/who were eyeing in Nantucket.....

(untitled guitar background)

Pillows flying up against the wall,
Yet I didn't mean it.
Confusion sets in as yell in the hall,
And I don't remember it.
I guess its from all that bull shit,
The bull shit that the teachers said.
Oh I'm going to stop this,
But the next day they're not gone, When they really shulda been expelled.
Pushing bitches around,
Pretending to rape them.
You better bet I never forgot that,
Discouraged, suicidal, fuck where da' pills?
Heartless bastards,
But I never gave in,
I stood by my only friend.
Then they tipped the ice burg,
I swear to fucking god if you go outta line with me your died.
But say something bout my sister,
your not only died,
your body is burnt to mother fucking ashes.
Don't walk near it either cause we'll shit on the ashes.
And with all this shit and harrassment,
Makes each of my lungs scream,
My two eyes wanting to hunt all of them down,
Shove em off a cliff with TNT in their hands attached to their asses.
Or if you rather have they're guts spill,
Then shove tht gun barrel up they're mouthes,
Pull trigger and watch as they make a mess.
But as I open my eyes,
I realize it was just another nightmare,
I realize no pillows below temple,
No protective blankets,
And all I wanna say to them is....
Fuck you bastards,
And then I realize where I am,
Fuck shit god get me outta here!!!!

Verse 1:
Can you hear,
The roar from this place?
Can you hear footsteps,
Can you see,
The blood on my sleeve?
I've fallen in the forest,
Did you hear me?

In the loneliness,
Oh the loneliness.
And the scream to prove,
To everyone that I exist.
In the loneliness,
Oh the loneliness.
And the scream to bring,
The blood to the front of my face again.

Verse 2:
ima here, of course I am yes.
All I need is your hand to drag me out,
Wasn't me, I didn't dig this ditch,
I was walking through east,
Before I fell into....


Verse 3: (outro background for FR song)
Surprise sometime,
I'll come around. (X2)

I will surprise you sometime,
I'll come around. (X2)

Oh I will surprise you sometime,
I'll come around.
When your down.

Fall down find god,
Just to lose it again.
Put a community together,
We were hammering it.

Fell down found love,
I can lose it again.
Now a communal heart,
Beats miles from here.

(X1 outro)

(Every teardrop is a waterfall g. Solo x3)

(Repeat outro into fade out)


Tags: coldplay, frightened, interpool, rabbit, remixes

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God you're angry but you seem to hv hope ,hope you find it all



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