hi gys this isnt actually a song but it's sth i wrote for my b.f.f hope but i found it nice to share it with you so hope you read it and tell me what you think about it?

Who is a friend?
They asked me who is a friend?
I said some who holds your hand when nobody undrstands
They liked it but they asked what else?
I said some one who knows the song inside your heart and makes you remember it when you forget it
But they asked again as if they had a paranoia deep inside...!
I was surprised but i answered again and said some one who shares happiness and sadness with you the n i realized that pain and wondering , afraid look in their eyes and i got that they wanted to belive but they were not able to so they wanted to ask again but i didnt let them to ask again because i knew how they felt so i said " A FRIEND IS YOUR SOUL TWIN"

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