wrote this interesting song...check it out on myspace: Alive and Breathing

hey everyone,

i'm new here and working on my first project as a solo act--pretty much my first project singing ever called Distorted Lace and i've been mixing angst-rock with urban flair...or at least have been trying to, lol...anyway i didn't quite want to put lyrics on here for this song so please check out the link below and the song should be the first one on the song list to listen to.....kinda something i made up on the spur of the moment that hasn't been pro-studio recorded yet...actually i should add it's kind of a message to those who feel left in the dark about life and people who have given them lack of self esteem and motivation and happiness to say they can overcome...so, here it is

*the song may not have been downloaded right away within the time that i posted this cuz i'm busy at the moment but whatev....just whenever you happen to pass by this link if you get a chance, you may like my other music anyway so take a listen to everything and please comment, i could seriously use some support.
plus if you're a band or artist on myspace, i'd especially appreciate your support.  i really want to go somewhere with my talent...i know i'm kinda working on it right now but anyway, if anyone wants to discuss my song, comment away!  :-P

Tags: angst, critique, rock, songwriting

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