I'm tired of waiting  For everything  You never said to me  

You think I'm hiding  But I'm just looking   For a place to be

Trying to understand why   I can't be myself for a while     But no one seems to care...


(chorus) So you can hurt, and you can lie, but don't ask me if I'm alright 

'cause I know you don't care...

You think I'm happy, but I'm not, this feeling's never gonna stop

Until you see I'm there...


You say you're knowing  What I've been hiding   But you don't know how I feel

You don't want to know  Think it's better so   It's written on your skin

Facing this world on my own  Is better then facing your soul   I know you wouldn't share...



(guitar solo :p )

This pain I cannot hold on   I won't wait for a change to come    This sis so unfair...



((hope you'll like this one, tell me what you think about it, thank you :d:d:d ))

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Nice. Acceptable. Fairly good.....

Dp.NeRRuTa said:
Nice. Acceptable. Fairly good.....
Thank's :p

It's really acceptable? Cool? I don't know what to say..


That's really good, I reckon :) :) :) I can imagine it really well to music :) And I feel what you are talking about. Well done! :)
Thank you very much Aaralyn :d :d :d



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