you have to know

sitting alone in a cold room , got tired from crying
and you know crying doesn't work anymore
all you can do is writing down to kill the anger inside
wanna stand again but no one is there to hold your hand
wishing you had strength to fight cz you don't have it anymore
the only time you feel warm is night cz you can sit all alone with no voices around
you don't know what to do or how to feel


but you have to know
that the night must end some time
so the sun rises and the day begins
and you have to know
the destiny will listen to you some day
so you break the chians that surround you
life can never be all day with a sunrise
and it can never be all night with no light
so you have to fight to push night away and get the day time with a sunrise

you're still there thinkin' now
you know all these but you need a hand
to let the sun in and end up the night
you wanna live and ignore all the voices around
but the voices never let you free, that's how you feel
cz you know sometimes we get back what we give
so you start searching for the mistakes but you can't find
maybe cz you gave so much sacrifices for the wrongg people
don't what to say or how to search


the wrong people never care about what you give
so don't burn the dear ones inside the fire of the wrong people
regret for the past , but you can't get back in time
maybe have to fight, so you can chang the memories
cz when you win the fight in the end , all you do is laugh
about the memories and the people who tried to hurt
and you know the only way to fight is to keep on living life and understand
maybe confused and mixed up right now


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hope you like it friends
hi guys i know the song is very long but it's one of my first songs a year ago, so sry for being it too long
i can help u shorten it!!
jo, are u making fun of me? i konw i have to shorten it but i cant decide which part or how
im not making fun of u! sorry if it sounded like i was!

it's ok, and if it will take alot of your time dnt help, thanks anyway




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