Your sitting alone in a room

You can't cry cause your out of tears

And you know its time to face your fears

Your afraid it won't go away for years

But your not alone

And you know its time to go out and fight



Your sweating and shaking

Your bending and breaking

Your screaming and yelling

But still no one is helping


Your sitting in a room alone

You whent out and fought

But you still lost

It feels like salt in a wound

I've been where you are

Losse of control

It fells like something is eating you soul

(giutar Solo)

(Screamo solo)

Never Give in....

No... Never...

Give in......

Oh you know.... you know you know... 


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i like it, nice
, wish mike time  had to check out what's on song writers and picked up some of these nice lyricses and put them into albums
I would sell linkin park the song but umm i wrote thiscu i have a band in mind called years of pain and first album called the proscess of elimination


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