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Below in the comments, those who are on Twitter, write your logins and throw your reference profiles, if looking for friends and new acquaintances! Good luck!

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It can also add me as a friend, always glad to fans of Linkin Park and new friends!

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April 10, 2008, James Buck, while a student of journalism at the University of Berkeley, and his interpreter were arrested in Egypt for photographing anti-government protests. On the way to the police station was able to transmit Buck word "arrested" 48 its correspondents on Twitter. This message was immediately transferred to the University and the U.S. Embassy in Cairo and some of the media. As a result of these actions for Buck was hired a lawyer and he was released from prison Mahalla on the very next day after the arrest [5] [6]

Collision of passenger aircraft with a flock of birds in January 2009 with subsequent landing in the waters of the Hudson River was not without Twitter'a. Janis Krum, who is one of the ferries, drifted to the rescue, took pictures of the fallen plane and "tvitnul" image before the media arrived to the scene.

Investigation of the journal New Scientist has confirmed the superiority of Twitter over conventional media. More precisely, the study compared Web 2.0 technologies with the usual media, and mikroblog won as a means for planning efforts in the rescue operations. For example, the Red Cross in America is already using Twitter to exchange-minute information about local incidents related to the activities of the organization.

June 16, 2009 fans of James Joyce novel "Ulysses" in celebration of "Bloom Day" shifted one of the chapters of the book in mikrobloggersky format and placed in service Twitter, by registering for this purpose as users of all 54 characters in the novel.

According to press reports, February 15, 2010 Twitter had become the Russian-speaking, but it never happened. As it became known later, on Feb. 15, 2010 just finished beta testing Russian-speaking interface.

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