I don t know what you guy think but I think that it s been hard to get ticket for the gigs. I bought my on the 18 (was out the country during the pre sale) and all was left was seated miles away or standing. I m very angry to see that people already put tickets on ebay for the good seated tickets. as i m short it would be much better for me. well i ll have stand on the other half shoulder.

any boby here going to bham?

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I would be happy with that ticket :P i can't go as i live in scotland and have no way of getting money for the train :( and school is also a problem :S hope you have fun :)
that s shame. is it not half term in november. check out bus price with megabus or nationalexpress. they do realy good deals. train ticket can be more that half the price if booked 12 weeks in advance.
Half term is in october, gonna look into every way to get some money and ways to get down. If not i Will see them next time they come :) hopefully have a job by then.
Do you guys know if o2 gig is sold out yet?
hi i m not sure if it s sold out yet. i could not get my tickets online for bham, ticket master keep coming up nothing avaliable but i rang and got standing tickets. if u have not tried yet then i think you sould and look at other site like see tickets, the ticket line
good luck

Alex 'Cornish' Courtnage said:
Do you guys know if o2 gig is sold out yet?
I had a look for tickets but they had really rubbish ones, i'm just glad they have an extra date lol
I hope i get to see them this year, if i don't then there is always next year =)
Next year would probably be better for me, oh well. I'm gunna stop typing now, cos i could go on forever and ever, and ever... and ever........ and ever..................!
my friend got me tickets for Manchester standing through being on O2 mobile , and i got standing tickets for the 2nd London concert through the pre-sale, cant wait! anyone else going to either of these gigs?

i cant get to this concert on the 11 11 10 at the O2 do you know anyone who would like 4 tickets in block 110


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