So, let's hear your views on the new single, The Catalyst, that was released on 2 August 2010.

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As a stand alone song, I love it. But when comparing it to their old stuff it is no were near as good.
after a few listens,its grown on me!i think,like a lot of fans,i was expecting the LP we all know!?!they have said the new album is different,just hope they ain't shot themselves in the ass!!!!with the album,wonder how many fans will skip tracks on the first play!?!
Lol Toddy, yes I know what you mean! I am terrible for skipping through tracks when I first listen to a new album! I can't help but love this track. The sound and style is very different from their previous three albums, but it is different in a very good way. They are pushing their boundaries to the limit, and this track certainly has deep and darker lyrics. I like that Joe Hahn has been utilised once again in a big way, although I would love to hear a little more guitar. I liked the sound of Chesters voice in this, more subtle than usual, but very melodic and am loving the vocals at the end of the song by Mike. Mike and Chesters voices do gel well together! When Mike Shinoda said that they were experimenting with a whole new genre of music, he wasn't wrong. Experiment approved!!
plain and simply... I like it! :) Wasn't disappointed so alls good


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