Spill your stories :D
For me it was through a friend of mine who loved there songs, and i gradually listened to them, and loved them :D only been a fan since 2006 though, shame i didn't know of them before cos LP are amazing :D

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I got into them as my friend use to always play their songs in his car and i really liked the sound of it, so i decided to get their albums an from that moment i have been ADDICTED to LP!!
listened to Somewhere I Belong and In The End one day, then started liking them then. Once I heard Meteora though, that changed everything - I LOVED THEM!!! I am admittedly not a huge fan of metal and rap, but when LP started making nu-metal THE genre, thats when my loyalties changed. By far the best band in the world, only thing now is to see them live :(
Same as you 'Bleeding Skulls' (nice name by the way).
Heard the tune "in the end" once and was hooked on LP.....suited my mood precisely and it was the first music I really listened to and could relate to!!!! And I think every song and every album since then has been an absolute master piece.
I first heard them in 2006 I think it was, I heard In The End on the radio and when I heard that song I had to listen to more, I loved it,they were the first band that even resembled rock I listened to, I've never been the same,I changed completely when I heard that song for the first time.
I pretty much grew up listening to them as my parents (mainly my dad) use to play them alot. I became a big fan of In the end and Papercut. :) Then on the way home from a holiday in the car i played through every song on the albums Hybrid Theory and Meteora, loved each one. Ever since then they've been my number 1 band! :D



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