Welcome, welcome, welcome.

As you can see, we are painfully brand new.

Please feel free to discuss your trials and tribulations as writers, your aspirations, ideas if you feel safe to do so, and work toward making a name for yourself. Remember to respect yourselves and have fun.

Please do not post any written works here. This is not a workshop. Chances are, you're work is eventually going to offend someone, or be flamed. Instead, you may post a link to another website (like LPfiction.com for example) where your written works are featured. Also, many writers also like visual art, and as long as it applies to a story of yours or someone else's, you may discuss it here.

Okay, I think that covers it.

Also, if you have any questions, please share them.

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Horror and psycho, I did something similar several years ago, like back in 2005. Horror and fantasy are my main genres, by the way. I'm not gonna try and steal your ideas, I'm to aware of my capabilities as a writer to do that, plus, I have my own methods already in place. But, I gotta ask, what technique do you plan to use to combine the two?

I'm really into comics too, lol XD


Moonmike said:
Hey there (: I may do not write fanfiction of any sort but I do write some stories! I currently don't have much time for it though =/ School is keeping me quite busy, haha...

I have a great new idea for a new short story. I guess it's going to be a story with mixed genres but mainly horror and psycho~ I hope I'll find some time to write it down =/

Oh and I do draw too but mainly comic-style and I'm not that advanced yet. One of the main reasons I started to write stories was that I couldn't draw them as a comic. Although I hope, once my drawing skills are more advanced I'll be able to draw a comic or at least, something like that too =P



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