1. Hey! First of all, thanks for letting us send you emails. I don’t think we’ve said that before, and it's worth saying outright. I hope our notes to you are fun to read, and give you a peek into our process. As things move forward, you might be the first ones to learn about certain parts of the album. Not sure what that means yet—could be a song title, a lyric, who knows. We just...
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  6. Mar. 24, 2016

    Studio Update #2

      Greetings from our new studio headquarters. We’re in a pretty low-key area on the northeast side of L.A. Nearby, there are ethnic restaurants, schools, dance classes, used car dealerships, martial arts studios, nail salons, palm trees, and the usual L.A. traffic. It’s The Valley, dude.   The main room is where the vocals and foundational songwriting is coming together, along with Mike’s beats and...

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