KATHYxx's Linkin Park collection

At the moment I am unable to buy or trade. Sorry.

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Comment by Nicholas Kramar on January 10, 2010 at 7:22am
Great collection Kathy! Just curious as to what the contents of the 2 VHS tapes are (page 2, 2nd pic on the first row).
Comment by KATHYxx on January 10, 2010 at 10:46pm
VHS tapes.. off the top of me head.. I no longer have a VHS so figuring out whats on these is all memory. :

First recording is making of Somewhere I Belong video.
Then MTV $2 Concert the day Meteora came out.
Faint video premier is there.
LP on Summer Sanitarium, having tailgate BBQ with Metallica.
Numb video premier.
The 1/2 hour Live in Texas special promo. of which some material was recycled for MTM LPTV.
Muchmusic's music imitation stock market show. Forgot what it was called. pretty sure LP was on there several times.
idk if Lying From You "video" is on there. Im pretty sure it is.
Making of Breaking the Habit and premier.
Mike getting Punk'd- first airing. I'm pretty sure MTV later edited out the "hair product guy" showing Mike where to park to make him look like he's lying.
*first tape ends*

*second tape is harder to remember*
1/2 hour Project Revolution 2004 special. The one where Brad gets cornrows.
2004 VMAs.
Jimmy Kimmel could be on either tape, but as usual, LP is usually stuck in the credits when it comes to talk shows.
Collision Course.. something.
idk if Live 8 is there. I think I was in Brazil at that time.
FM Petrified premier.
Fort Minor 5th Avenue concert on Fuse.
Fort Minor performing on Jay Leno(? some other show?). Incredibly fuzzy because my house had no antenna for a decade, and only had Dish Network channels.
Where'd You Go.
And a MS 5 seconds on a July 4th 2006 "interview" on some crap channel i forget.
There has to be more than this on this tape because It's friggin full. I bet there's another Fuse/Muchmusic appearance or two.

*had on DVR and deleted it on accident before moving to VHS*
The Tom Green appearance: I regret this so much as the first interview part is apparantly Lost Forever. Only the van part is online.
2005 VMA's: if Mike would put the missing 5 tracks he made, it would make this loss less bitter too.
Comment by KATHYxx on January 10, 2010 at 10:48pm
2nd tape has the making of The Rising Tied on it too.

and i think the collision course something is the MTV premier of it. Showing a lot or most of the performance part of the DVD on air.


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