American Idol Season 12 Episode 17 Watch Online Free Streaming HD HERE

American Idol Season 12 Episode 17 Watch Online Free Streaming HD HERE

American Idol Season 12 Episode 17

====>>> Click Here To Watch Full Episode Here

====>>> Click Here To Watch Full Episode Here

Without all the set up from day one in New York, they chose to highlight more talent in Chicago. Far more talent.

And that made for a more entertaining two hours. We saw 16 people make it to Hollywood, twice as many as in New York. We saw only five bad ones. There wasn't a situation liks Wednesdahy where the singer was closer but not quite there. Among my favorites; MacKenzie (country), Curtis (the gospel guy), Kez (fire performer) and Lazaro (stutterer).

Surprisingly, if spoilers are to be believed, only three of the contestants we heard tonight made it to the final 40.

First up:

Mackenzie Wasner,17, Leiper’s Fork, TN (“Whenever You Come Around" Vince Gill) - This blond country singer has a dad who plays keyboard for Vince Gill so she is not afraid of the stage. She brings the looks of Carmen Rasmussen (remember her?) with a sweet, pleasant tone that Keith Urban says evokes Dolly Parton, as well as LeAnn Womack. "You just blew my mind," Nicki said. "You are a star." "You've got this great blend of strength and vulnerability," Keith said. I can't imagine she won't make it into the top 24 if she can maintain that level of performance.

Austin Earles, 19, Lakeview, MI ("Fantasy" Mariah Carey). Clearly, they brought him in for his pure ability to be tone deaf while mauling a Mariah song. Naturally, Nicki got sarcastic and said she loved it, annoying Mariah.

Kiara Lanier, 21, Chicago ("The Prayer" Celine Dion) - She didn't try to over-sing the song from a power standpoint, giving the song far more nuance than Celine ever did. I enjoyed it - even with all the runs and I'm not typically a fan of too many runs. "You have so much control. soft and high, but pretty and beautiful." Keith Urban said she had some Aaron Neville-esque feel in her runs. This is another person that could be a serious top 24 contender.

Stephanie Schimel, 20, Milwaukee, WI (“Dream a Little Dream” by Mama Cass) - I liked her. She brought some skills but was she as good as Kiara or MacKenzie. Not quite."Carrie Underwood-Gwen Stefani mix," Keith said. "I wasn't wowed," Nicki said. "Nothing jumped at me." She gets three of the four judges' votes to make it to Hollywood.

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