Check this Section of A Good Day to Die Hard movie Download

Check this Section of A Good Day to Die Hard movie Download
Director:-John Moore
Writers:-Skip Woods, Roderick Thorp
Stars:-Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney, Sebastian Koch
Bruce Willis is back on the big screen as John McClane, nearly a quarter of a century since we met him in the Nakatomi Plaza wasting Hans Gruber and his terrorist mates. In the fifth Die Hard, McClane discovers his missing, wayward son is about to go to trial in Moscow for a political assassination. He hops on a plane and heads over to help his boy out, only to find that his son is a CIA super-spy/super-human soldier type. The pair then run around Moscow and Chernobyl from gunfight to gunfight, dodging explosions, jumping off buildings and destroying a few thousand vehicles in huge car chases.
The great Die Hard movies (the original and With A Vengeance) have great villains, and unfortunately A Good Day to Die Hard does not. Instead of something like the amazing Alan Rickman in the first Die Hard, here we have some generic Taken 2-style terrorist types, with the most notable one trying to make himself interesting by dancing a little bit and nibbling on a carrot.

But much worse than having terrible villains is having a terrible John McClane. He used to be a lovable underdog, fighting the bad guys but fighting the red tape above him as well. Now he's an obnoxious American jerk who goes to Russia and yells at people who don't speak English there, punches random civilians before, in his own words, "killin' scumbags".
The bald, old man is annoying for most of the film, especially the first half. His running joke is him yelling "I'm on vacation" before, of course, yelling "Yippee ki-yay mother f**ker", which feels as forced and cringe-worthy as ever.

The father-son relationship provides more humour in the film than the actual jokes. It’s hilarious when the film jumps from cartoonish, over-the-top silliness into scenes attempting genuine sentimentality. One minute, two men leap from a building and fall through about 40 storeys of scaffolding and large plastic tubes and walk away unharmed. The next, a father apologises to his son for poor parenting, played with a serious face.

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