Download HUNTER$ Warm Bodies Movie from here and save your time

Download HUNTER$ Warm Bodies Movie from here and save your time

Here is a zombie story with a twist, by- I beg your pardon for saying this- the far-thinking, intellectually-mad director Jonathan Levine, but his madness has paid off. He’s pulls out a rabbit from his hat, with the conviction of introducing a half-human-half zombie. That’s what R (Nicholas Hoult) is, in a world mauled by a plague that has converted a vast population into the living dead, with cold hearts, no emotion and the pangs of violence controlling their bodies. R, the zombie, is the odd one out among his clan, he has retained a percentage of his reasoning powerless. Don’t ask how, he still knows how to see the good from evil.

R, the plagued one, does show signs of mad excitement, which settles down after he encounters a drop-dead gorgeous survivor named Julie (Teresa Palmer). Next, a bolt from the blue: he sees romance bubbling within.

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R has experienced love at first sight, and when he gets the taste of her boyfriend’s brain, a radical transformation sneaks into him, which is desisted by many, foremostly by Julie’s dictator-like father, and then by Boney’s, a zombie group, with no hopes of evacuation from a life of hell. There are glitches in the screenplay, but a romantic comedy with a zombie touch sails the movie through tough waters.

Levine has not inhibited himself and goes full-throttle changing the tone from freaky to funny to an emotional rollercoaster. He has tried to toast many things into the zombie rom-com, and after seen it all, we are not complaining, the final result is a movie that sways between mildly entertaining to highly entertaining.

The central pieces of the plot, Hoult and Palmer have shone through their respective roles, maintaining the right amount of emotions. Levine has merged the vintage-filmmaking with new-age cinema, in a story that is both groundbreaking and inspiring. A zombie rom-com is an idea rarely given long thought ever before, however, I am sure that in the coming few years, we’ll see many more stalwarts of the film industry, taking this concept to the next level.

What I admired the most about Warm Bodies is the honest effort to highlight that how human beings have become slaves of technology only to lose connection with the voice of their hearts.

The supporting cast as well, firmly sticks to job in hands, in an ensemble of characters that have ground-value. To sum it all, Warm Bodies will tempt the future directors to explore new avenues, in the unlikely genre of zombie rom-com.

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