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Adventures for the whole family with a great sense of humor. So we get The Croods, that while sin of not being too original when moving your nonsensical argument to the screen (or lack that makes it, really), supplements that slip with a fun adventure, full of humor and perfect for the whole family. Animated film knows well enough that the keys between moves and handles like any film that one of the big studios, but handling issues and approach something trite seen before in other movies, be a delightful trip to enjoy perfect along with smaller house. Or for that matter, alone. The humor and adventure make no distinction of age. Less when irreverent humor. Even sometimes something kaffir. That's the one that works best.

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We are in prehistory and cromañones our quirky family faces everyday survival. Out of group hunting, food and hide when night because the dangers make darkness means death. But the eldest daughter does not seem very willing to follow the rules. Curious and adventurous, a night to discover a strange and fascinating character, who will also meet his strict father and, who knows, even to save his family from extinction ... With these rods, mounting a comedy with culture shock and Conas limoneras at the expense of prehistory is not very complicated for the geniuses of animation. They know very well the area in which they move ...

Especially since they know that to win over the public, have to operate their sense of humor and its characters, which makes them engage in the story is a pleasure. And get it easily. From the hunting scene (insane so releasing the baby ...) initial culture shock with the new world they discover (Conas eye to the fire and how to get the strange character who knows ...). From mother to child weighing more dull, the family has charisma, especially in the characters of the protagonist and his father daughter. Makes much easier the way that anyone, of any age, feel identified with that rebel with a cause and with that cautious and concerned father. With a world full of color, fantastic animals, exotic places beyond imagination ... as opposed to the original home of The Croods, dry and arid.

And yes, we all know that the film will extol family values, the plot has the appropriate turns expected moments (separation and reunion, romance ...), which will surprise us too at any point. But we're going to laugh so certain moments (the grandmother ... what will the grandmothers) and we both enjoy the adventure (chases, races, dangerous prehistoric animals and not so ...) that the movie works like a charm from the minute one hundred. This is not only because it is good or good animation family movie. This is a good film, a good film. And I always feel like it.

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