Enjoy Yourself with Safe Haven Movie Download - Enjoy others as well

Enjoy Yourself with Safe Haven Movie Download - Enjoy others as well

As they say, ‘when things go very wrong, just divine intervention can save the day for you.’ Safe Haven is not a safe movie if you crave for perfection and content in a 70mm take on exploration of a love nest. With all said and done, there are several instances in Safe Haven that round up as comedy in tragedy (intentionally or unintentionally, I don’t know), which I hope save the day for its director Lesse Hallstrom.


Katie (Julianne Hough) is an amicable woman with a not so amicable past. In an attempt to distance herself from the storms that have made her grit her teeth and bite her tongue in inescapable agony, she lands in California for a refreshing change, to rejuvenate, to dream anew and flutter her wings. The decision works for as, as there her heart begins to beat in harmony with the heart of a widower with two beautiful children, Alex (Josh Duhamel).

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The ride though the first half is anything but mesmerizing, barring some lengthy chit-chats revolving around odd topics, which are certainly a recipe for laughter, if you have an ear for boisterous talks on topics of tiny importance. I must admit, these are the rants that we so love to engage in for they revive the child in us. If the director intended these sequences, then he’s come with a masterstroke to save his sinking ship, but if they were impromptu, not intended, that’s what we call ‘comedy in tragedy.’ These dialogues soaked with a child-like innocence and a tinge of humor might bail Safe Haven out of trouble.

Coming back to the movie, the romance takes a backseat each time Alex and Katie instigate us that something truly beautiful is about to construe between the couple. The scenes mean to be love-rich are lovelorn lovelorn. The chemistry between the couple does not heat up enough to give us goosebumps in our hearts.

It’s not that couple doesn’t try to show how much they care, but they take off on an intimate date, where instead of singing songs of love, they discuss the nature of gorillas at length. To the die hard romantics this might come like a dust storm, when they were anticipating a shower of rose petals.

The best part of the movie for me was the whole look of Josh Duhamel, it’s was sleek, clean and sexy. His charm has an intoxicant effect on the eyes and that tan gives him a dash of ruggedness. Juliana Hough has been utter disappointment; she just plainly utters her dialogues and doesn’t connect with her character.

Safe Haven is a good one time watch, to explore the cinema that entertains despite its flaws.

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