Manchester United v Real Madrid live webchat

Manchester United v Real Madrid live webchat

Manchester United v Real Madrid live webchat ,

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Champions League last 16, second leg, Old Trafford, 7.45pm GMT kick-off
Manchester United v Real Madrid webchat

Barney Ronay was online to answer your questions about Manchester United's Champions League tie against Real

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Manchester United v Real Madrid
Manchester United v Real Madrid: here we go again. Photograph: Composite

4.02pm: And with those questions and answers this web chat has come to an end. Thank you everyone for participating. Please continue to follow the build-up to the match at Old Trafford here with us and follow our live minute-by-minute reporting tonight. There will also be a live web chat tomorrow, Wednesday, as we discuss the fallout of the tie.

Enjoy the game.

4.02pm: LeoHesse asks: "Do you think that Phil Jones will be made into a better player by certain people because he isn't playing i.e. if United lose, people will say they wouln't have if he had been fit. And what do you think it says about United that a kid with less than a full season at the club under his belt is perceived (by some) to be the only to winning a key European tie?"

Barney responds:

I find Phil Jones quite confusing. It's hard to say exactly what kind of footballer he is or what he should be turned into. I think the problem is the physical challenge of the Premier League, which has stood in the way of turning him into a ball-playing centre half. Perhaps he's an English version of the young Pique, not trusted to defend against Stoke every week, but able perhaps to flower elsewhere in a team that has the ball a lot and can develop that part of him. He is a great athlete. And he can pass and control the ball. But how he fits into an English style team I'm not sure.

3.58pm: erroneousfiend has this, rather elaborate question: "If you were a football manager, what sort of coat would you wear pitchside? Would you go for the ugly sport puffer coat or would you go more for the stylish trench coat a la last years' AVB's wonderfully chic form? Perhaps you would simply wear a zip up team branded training jumper or even a weather defiantly brazen suit and tie? If the answer is stylish trench coat, pea, or other, please elaborate.

Barney replies:

I would wear a very expensive perfectly tailored overcoat with shorts and boots underneath thereby combining in a heady cocktail the best parts of the erudite overseas "fancy" manager and the visceral appeal of Nigel Pearson-style shouter. I would win the Champions League six times and then retire

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