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Episode Name:
Top of the Hour
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Olivia finds herself in the middle of a media storm, but this time she's on the opposing side of the oval office when Fitz's pick for Supreme Court Justice is caught in a torrid affair with Liv's new client, high-powered CEO Sarah Stanner. Meanwhile, Olivia and Jake continue their flirtatious relationship, while Huck takes Quinn under his wing and Harrison and Abby try to figure out where they stand with their friendship. Back in the White House, Cyrus and Mellie continue to fight for Fitz's attention, but someone else may already have it.

Hey, Gladiators! So we open with a little pickup from last week, ending where we left off with shot of Captain Jake watching live from his TV of many angles. And if that’s not creepy enough, the new epi starts with everyone’s favorite DA on the comedown, David, leaving his not-so-favorite job at the high school for some reason in the dead of night, all alone, with no one around. Suddenly, he drops his papers and a figure runs by. David gets scared and goes on the run himself, convinced that someone is out to get him. Paranoid much? Not that he doesn’t have good reason by now.

Cut to Olivia meeting Captain Jake at a fancy restaurant for a meeting, but Jake in convinced this meeting is a date. Then he grabs champagne glasses and takes Olivia to a more romantic locale, the Jefferson Memorial (thanks, Twitter peeps!). But once there, all Olivia wants to talk about is Albatross and what dead Wendy was up to when she died. Jake is all, “Wow, you really suck at dating,” and BT, can’t you see this is not Cold Duck in these champagne glasses? Drink up, sister. Jake pauses in the midst of all this for about thirty seconds to talk very fast and tell Liv the “Legend of Albatross.” He’s all, 'State department, classified documents, sold to Tehran, dead guy who said that Albatross did it.' Thirty seconds over and date back on.

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