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The brawny Jason Statham crime thriller "Parker" qualifies as uneven but entertaining. Too many characters converge in this above-average revenge melodrama. Hispanic diva Jennifer Lopez plays one of those extraneous characters in "Black Swan" scenarist John J. McLaughlin's flawed screenplay. Cast as a divorced, debt-ridden, real estate agent, Lopez never gets intimate with her rugged "Transporter" star. Instead, she is stuck in a supporting role and lends only minimal sizzle to "Blood In, Blood Out" director Taylor Hackford's otherwise high-octane actioneer. In one scene, she strips to her undies for our suspicious protagonist to see if she is wearing a wire. Meantime, our hero has somebody else, in an even smaller role, who attends to him after he's been shot, stabbed and beaten up. Nevertheless, when Lopez isn't chauffeuring Statham around scenic Palm Beach, Florida, she is meddling with his carefully laid plans the same way Lucille Ball used to interfere with his Cuban band-leader husband's nightclub show in the "I Love Lucy" television comedy. This energetic R-rated epic follows the exploits of a tough-as-nails professional criminal named Parker who lives by a strict code of ethics that reflects his principles. He doesn't harm anybody who doesn't ask for it, but robbery is still his bread and butter. When an armed guard nearly succumbs to a heart attack, Parker calms him down while he steals from him. Statham isn't the first actor to incarnate Parker. If you're counting, "Parker" marks the sixth time Hollywood has adapted the late Donald E. Westlake's crime novel that he penned under the pseudonym Richard Stark. Initially, French New Wave director Jean-Luc Godard changed the sex of the role for actress Anna Karina who played Paula in "Made in USA" in 1966. Lee Marvin took a bullet as the same character with the name Walker in director John Boorman's violent shoot'em up saga "Point Blank" in 1967. Jim Brown played him as McClain in director Gordon Flemyng's account of a hardboiled hold-up in "The Split" in 1968. Robert Duvall landed the role as Macklin in director John Flynn's "The Outfit" in 1973. Finally, Mel Gibson appropriated the part as Porter in director Brian Helgeland's gritty, bullet-riddled "Payback" (1999). If you haven't seen these previous adaptations hardboiled melodramas, you should put them on your wish list.

"Parker" opens with an explosive heist at the Ohio State Fair. Parker (Jason Statham of "Safe") supervises an elaborate heist with his four partners with whom he has never worked. This quartet masquerades as either clowns or cops, while he dons the collar of a clergyman. They plunder the concession booth and make off with hundreds of thousands of dollars. A case of arson designed to distract the authorities so the gang can make a quiet getaway concludes with the tragic death of an innocent bystander. No sooner has this criminal quintet fled with their ill-gotten gains than Melander (Michael Chiklis of "The Fantastic Four") insists Parker chip in his share of the loot so they can finance a $50-million haul in Palm Beach, Florida. Naturally, since our

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A thief with a unique code of professional ethics is double-crossed by his crew and left for dead. Assuming a new disguise and forming an unlikely alliance with a woman on the inside, he looks to hijack the score of the crew's latest heist.

Director: Taylor Hackford

Writers : John J. McLaughlin (screenplay), Donald E. Westlake (novel)

Stars : Jason Statham, Jennifer Lopez and Michael Chiklis

Download Parker Movie

Download Parker Movie

Download Parker Movie

Download Parker Movie


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