Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 17 | Watch Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 17 Online

Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 17 | Watch Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 17 Online

Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 17 | Watch Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 17 Online

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Episode Name:
Welcome to Storybrooke
Air date:
Emma, David and Mr. Gold must protect Mary Margaret against Regina, who is out for revenge and has made it her mission to kill Mary; and Henry, fed up with all of the feuding, devises a plan to put an end to magic. Meanwhile, Regina discovers that a father and son have somehow found their way into her allegedly undetectable town as she and the fairytale characters deal with the effects of the newly cast curse 28 years prior.

We flashback to the Young Cora (Rose McGowan), a miller’s daughter who suffers humiliation at the hands of Princess Eva (the future mother of Snow White), who trips her and causes her to spill the flour her family needs to sell to make a living. After being made to kneel before Eva by King Xavier (Joaquim de Almeida), Cora harbors a grudge against the royals, and sneaks into a costume ball. However, she is quickly recognized by the corrupt King. In desperation, she plays on the financial issues of the kingdom by claiming that she can spin straw into gold. King Xavier, intrigued, confines her to a tower until she does. If she can spin the straw into gold, she’ll win the hand of the King’s son, the handsome Prince. If she fails, she’ll be killed.
Enter Rumpelstiltskin, who offers to spin the straw into gold for her, in return for her first born child. Cora, ever ambitious, offers a counter-proposal: if he teaches her how to spin the straw herself, she’ll give him a child of his own. And so he takes the deal, teaching her how to tap into her hatred and resentment in order to create and harness magic. In the process, they develop a relationship that results in Cora having to make a choice: run off with Rumpelstiltskin, or marry the Prince and have the opportunity of finally having the royals and subjects of the kingdom kneeling at her feet.

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