Video ! The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 11 Watch Online Free Streaming In HD Here

Video ! The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 11 Watch Online Free Streaming In HD Here

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 11

Click Here To Watch Full Episode Here

Click Here To Watch Full Episode Here

Are you ready for a road trip? The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 12, "Clear" is the ep Robert Kirkman teased as "something special." "All [eight episodes of the back half] are pretty great, but be on the lookout for that one.” That one is coming Sunday, March 3 on AMC. Another detailed play-by-play spoilers synopsis has been leaked, and you can read it in full on As expected, it does feature the return of Morgan (Lennie James), whom we last saw on Season 1, after he and his son, Duane, helped the injured Rick figure out what had happened to the world. Interestingly enough, if this is how the episode turns out, we never go to the prison or Woodbury. It all happens off-campus.

As we end Episode 11, Rick, Carl and Michonne are driving into a town to go on a supply run. Here's the part where they get to town (per the spoilers synopsis):

The car pulls in front of the police station where Rick used to work. The armory has been completely cleaned out. Rick is annoyed. Michonne asks if there are any other police stations in town. Rick says that he was the police, it wasn’t a big town. Rick gets the idea that he can still get a few guns from places where he signed the permits…stores, bars, etc. Michonne picks up a bullet and hands it to Rick. He takes it and puts it in his pocket. As they walk in the town they see a pile of burnt bodies with gas canisters all around. As they continue to walk they notice yellow arrows painted on the walkway leading to something. As they turn the corner they see something strange. Behind them painted on the wall reads 'NO GUILT, YOU KNOW THAT'. The Middle of the street is filled with traps. Spray painted in front of them reads 'TURN AROUND AND LIVE'. The trio continue walking. Inside each booby-trap is a caged live bird or rat. Rick says a couple of places are up ahead, they get what they can and get out of there. As they continue a walker appears in the distance behind them. Carl points the walker out and they watch as the walker gets caught in a trap. Suddenly a shot rings out and the walker drops to the floor."

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