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“At least the ale’s good,” he said. “That said, It does seem weird to me, saying you’re putting all your resources into qualifying for next season’s Champions League if it means putting out a weakened side in this game. I mean we’re actually in the tournament right now, aren’t we, so why not go for it?”
As he spoke a group of fans, wrapped up as if heading to watch a game in Antarctica, were singing about the pleasures of being a Gooner to a gaggle of Japanese tourists, filming them on their iPads. “I’m still optimistic,” said Mr Flynn. “I reckon we’ll do them 4-2. You know they’ve let in all of seven goals at home this season, so how hard can it be to get four more?”

Back home in London, meanwhile, the comedian Ian Stone, a lifelong Arsenal fan, had decided after the first leg defeat at the Emirates not to travel to this game. “I’m saving my money for the trip to Azerbaijan or Kazakhstan or wherever we’ll be sent in the qualifier next season,” he said. He, though, was less perplexed by Wenger’s apparent surrender of the tie than some of those bouncing around the Marienplatz. “I get the argument that it’s odd not to try in the competition you reckon defines you,” he says. “And it seems to be becoming a habit, saying this isn’t the one that matters.

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