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Favorite Linkin Park song or album
waiting for the end.- lying from you and my favorite album: meteora
Favorite Linkin Park video
numb- braking the habit- the catalyst - waiting for the end
A bit about myself (hobbies, music, gaming, art)
the only thing i watn is to see linkin park here in bogota :D
soldier till death

me llamo luis miguel (pero no me gusta mi primer nombre ¬¬) me encanta linkin park los conozcon hace 6 años y me se todas sus letras, toco el piano y quiero aprender a tocar guitarra para saberme sus canciones pero no he podido :S
me encanta el anime, mi favorito es naruto y pronto empezare a ver bleach :D también me fascina dibujar quiero ser un artista cuando termine la universidad :D
me agrada conocer gente asi q ageguen y ya

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At 1:02pm on July 9, 2012, Sophie lp rock said…

Yup of course,why not? =) I'll send you my profile through inbox,so you can add me. :)

Well,yes these exams are EXTREMELY demanding and really anchotic and the lessons I've chosen need a bunch of studying xD These are the last exams given at school,after these ones school is over and in the whole country,at the same time students of that grade sit the exact same exams,so because of these exams being the same for every student in Greece,they are really demanding and the rules are really strict so that equality and justice exists....well,ok it doesn't exist that much and also the ones who decide what the questions of the exams are going to be,dont give a fuck about us!! they put really difficult subjects and exercises and this year there were mistaken questions BUT they took NO responsibility on that,despite the amount of students that lost the points of that subject.....idiots !!!

At 10:34am on July 1, 2012, Sophie lp rock said…

Hehe me too sorry for the late reply but Im kinda bored of signing in lp.com daily cause I dont use the site so much , sooo that's why :P I know you're right and I totally aggree on what you're saying,but...there's ALWAYS that damn "but" ..... :\

Well,I finished this school year but now,eventhough it's summer and schools are over,I have to study for the next year which starts on september...it will be the last year in school and I'll sit some really important exams that will define whether or not I will be able to go to university,so it's crucial that I do well there,and I have many things to study so eventhough I'll write these exams on May 2013 I have to prepare myself from NOW...... -.- I fuckin hate it....

Soooo tell me , did you have a good time at your holiday??? =)

At 7:39am on June 17, 2012, Sophie lp rock said…

Ahahahaah :P Yes everything seemed to be better but yet it seems all the same shit to me...he is running away,he is really distant,abrupt and typical and its me who talks first and I have the sense that he is trying to avoid me...... everything is shit... >.< anyways...im trying to get over it or just to approach him but i dont know where this will lead me... :| Im on the wrong path  and everything seem lost and me im like an idiot in the middle of nothing..

At 4:44pm on June 9, 2012, Sophie lp rock said…

Heeey sorry for the late reply,but due to my exams and all this stuff that happen with him I forgot to enter lp.com xD
Well,I decided yesterday to uncover my self...I wrote him a big text which took me about 3 hours to finish it...I explained everything in every detail...and today he answered me.... xD To my surprise,he wasn't angry at all xD

Actually he told me that he knew that it was related to me because he had seen a pic with my friend in my profile once and he remembered her...also,he was assured about it because of the way i was insisting on some special questions....he was thinking what the hell i was thinking but he said ok you wanna play,lets play it your way! xD But anyways he never played with me,cause he isnt that kind of person...he told bravo about the plan and that he has to say that i got guts cause what i did was the most eeeeeeem (he couldn t  find words to describe it ) but it was amazing and he was really impressed...He apologized for the delete and everything,he added me again and told me he hopes we'll talk soon... :) 

So everything turned out better but ok i was a fool and really humiliated xD i really laughed at my stupidity cause i thought i fooled him and that he hadnt understood a thing but ok I was just fooling myself xD Irony , lol !

At 1:49pm on June 4, 2012, Sophie lp rock said…

If some new things hadnt happened I would say you're totally right.... :\ Look,some days after that my friends were telling me that he probably does the same things with all the girls and that he played with me...then i got really angry with this thought and me and one of my friends thought a plan: i blocked him so that he cant see my profile or my existance on fb. Then,my firend added him on facebook,he doesnt even know we are friends...and started talkin to him , she gave me her password and i entered her profile and i was reading everything...i was planning to make him fall in love with "my friend" (actually me) and then arrange a date with him,he would expect that girl (my friend) but all of a sudden he would see me in her place,and then i would make him feel such an idiot....BUT ....HE DIDNT PLAY with me xD  we were talking from my friends profile for irrelevant things and he ended up talkin about a friend he hurt (me) and that he didnt want to do it,that he feels awful and that he became distant after her (mine) reaction,mainly because she (I) accused him of playing with feelings....and now i feel really strange , cause I dont want to lose him, i really want him,and im afraid of his reaction when i tell him who was the girl talkin to him...and also he sees me as a friend! -.- shit...WHY?!?! -.- but i still hope something will change,....

At 4:32pm on May 25, 2012, Sophie lp rock said…

Sorry for the late responce.... :\  But everything became a mess instantly two days ago....i talked to that guy i've told you...

i told him how i feel about him and he was shocked he was saying sorry again and again that he doesnt know what to say and that he didnt want to hurt me and that this has never happened to him before... and i was really angry...so i told him : you know what? your sorry can mend NOTHING!! NOTHING! if you didnt know what you want from me its your problem but im payin the price for it now...and i also told him that i was an idiot to believe in him and in bullshit like he was different and its all my fault cause i gave him attention....

and then he hesitated to reply for about 20 minutes...then he told me : i wanted a close friend with the same wavelength as mine but ive made a big mistake im frequently damaged by my mistakes but your grief and sadness makes more miserable than i really am everyday of my life and when i say im sorry i mean it if you want proof here you have it...he send me a pic of his hand,he drew upon his skin with a razor and wrote im sorry...then he deleted me from facebook..

i started saying sorry through inbox and expressing some more feelings,i told him i didnt want him to hurt and pleaded him to accept my friend request..he did it...then i told him how important he is to me and that im a monster for hurting him..then he told me he is a monster and  by being a monster to himself  he can only know what is good for the others and some more things like he is the lowest of the low...i was telling him he is wrong on everything and that he is really important to me...he said goodnight and sorry he had to go...and then i told him as you understand ill try not to talk to you again cause i dont want to be annoying...you can do whatever you want with me if you want to talk to me,just do it...but just for you to know,i really feel things about you...and the other day...he deleted me from facebook.... :'(

Ok...just A CLOSE FRIEND?! Do you hug like that a close friend?! do you say such things as he was saying to me to a close friend??!!!!! And ok...he thinks he knows what is good for me...was it good to delete me??!  I'm stunned,i dunno what to day..i still cant believe that things became like that.... :(

At 11:04am on May 21, 2012, Camii ! *-*LP*Forever♥ said…

uuh todas esas materias son dificiles D:

aah genial :)

PD: lo siento la demora...es el colegio D: jajaja,lo único que quiero son vacaciones de invierno! :B

At 4:41pm on May 20, 2012, Sophie lp rock said…

Yup I understand cause I feel pretty much the same :P But I don't regret of not trying any silly relationships,I prefer my loneliness to wasting myself around ;)
These days I got a bunch of studying...we are having exams for the end of the year and we start on tuesday with latin....I like latin but the problem is that the bitch we have for a teacher aaaall this year hasn't beeen doing her job...instead of examinating us and explaining the lessons she was gossiping and bitching about everything irrelevant and now I have to study everything that is being taught in one year...and it was a new lesson for me so I FUCKING hate her !! ;@

At 9:32am on May 16, 2012, Sophie lp rock said…

I'm glad I helped! =D

Yeah I see your point...me too,I've been waiting for the one...the one who would care about me,who would love me trully and have genuine feelings for me...I prefer being single than in a stupid relationship that would last only a month or two,I want something permanent...I don't believe that teens can't love or that we should "live our life" and not taking everything so serious...to me it's wrong...cause living your life has nothing to do with wasting yourself in useless relationships...I think that in our age especially we are much more sensitive and ready to love than in 30 ...but if we hurt ourselves then we create a shell around us and make ourselves numb...The way I see it it's a mistaken attitude...

At 11:58am on May 13, 2012, Sophie lp rock said…

Hehe I'm really glad I helped you and I hope I'll accomplish it once again !! =D

Well...I see what you mean here,I understand that you do have feelings about her and it's not easy for you to just leave her especially now that she asked you to be with her... :\   I can't "command" you on what to do with that cause it's your decision... :)
If you want to give her a chance and you do so,you are taking a big risk cause she didn't treat you right....but there is a possibility that she understood her mistake.....
Instead,if you don't give her that chance though you really want to do so,then you might think of it again and again and then regret that you stepped back instead of taking the risk... so,think of that and make your decision :)

But if you choose to say yes to her then you shouldn't leave your heart open easily in the beginning and trust her absolutelly,cause in case she betrays you again,it would hurt more....By saying this I don't mean being with her without feeling a thing about her or treat her like you don't trust at all.....I just think you should be your self with her but inside you,don't leave yourself sooo open,i dont know if you got what i mean :) :P  

Also I think it could be a really good idea to have an open conversation with her about everything that heppened and about what she did to you and how this made you feel..from the way she will be talking to you and the things she will say you'll understand what her intentions are and many many things.... :) in any case,i really wish you good luck! =D

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