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Profile Information

Favorite Linkin Park song or album
In the end
Favorite Linkin Park video
A bit about myself (hobbies, music, gaming, art)
My name is Birgitte..
I dont know what happened to my old LPN page.
Maybe you remember me as Pinkymuffin.
I love Linkin Park more then I can explain. When I listen to their music i get a unnamed feeling.
They make me happy =)
I've been so lucky that i've seen them live many times, and met them twice. But they have never been to Norway, so i always travel.
I dont bother to write about other bands XD haha.
I love meeting other LP fans!
So leave me a comment if you want =D

Pinkymuffin's Blog

LP concerts.

Posted on December 5, 2010 at 10:59am 0 Comments

I saw LP in Paris 25'th oct. And in Denmark 30'th oct. And in London 11'th nov.

In London, at the summit my team won the succer match. I got a backstage pass and I got a hug from Mike.

I still can't belive it...

One of the best days of my life!!

Cant really put words to it.

I Cant wait to see them again. Next year I hope!

Now I've seen them six times. And been at three m&g's,

I am lucky

Another day like another day Another nickname?

Posted on June 21, 2010 at 4:27pm 1 Comment


I changed my name back to Pinkymuffin. Because i'ts my old LPN name, so I's better to keep it like that. Even though Pinkymuffin makes no sence. I just came up with that name when I was 13 or something, to make my first hotmail account. I like muffins and pink muffins are cute, but now it would not have been my nickname if I should change it. But I really dont know what I would change it too then.

Hah I can ask here. What Nickname could I have?

I was…


A really great day!

Posted on June 16, 2010 at 4:36pm 2 Comments

Well, exept from a boring day at work.

Last night I saw the news about the LP concert in Paris!

I've been seeing LP in Paris twice. And the first time I was so lucky to meet them.

So when I read the news on the main page, I told mom in the middle of the night ( she wants to go to every LP concerts with me, and she loves Paris, she is so cute. 44 year old women got inspired by me, and now LP is her…


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At 3:55am on June 21, 2011, RDE said…

Hey you!

Long time no talk. Sorry, it's my fault, I've been so busy I haven't been very active in lately, but now I'm back!

But how are you? I've seen you've been very lucky, I noticed you in the LPU Summit video! And LP is going to Norway, that's what you've always been waiting for! Lucky you!

At 2:21am on May 23, 2011, Jazmyne Rivera said…
how do u get backstage passes
At 1:20pm on April 23, 2011, Siri Hodne said…
Hei! Sjekk ut gruppa for nordmenn! =)
At 10:51am on December 10, 2010, zahra said…

i cant even the site closed?!?! ...




At 10:46am on December 10, 2010, zahra said…

aww LUCKY!!...ya i was going from iran to london...i still think about what happend some was really bad...but oh well XD


did u renew ur lpu ?!

At 2:34pm on December 6, 2010, psykobouliz said…
Hello !!!!
I'm super fine and you? Times become stressing and speed actually, as xmas arrives, at the shop! I adore that! =) But there is a new person, an extra that is here for till the 24th of december and my collegue told me she's a real crazy! lol she always speak, and speak, and speak!! XD And when you're with a customer she comes to talk to him, you see. I hate that, REALLY. And she put her stuff everywhere! Me who is a maniac... hehe i'll probably become crazy as well! lol
Whata bout you? Do u work for xmas celebrations? Kisses !!
At 7:10am on November 6, 2010, zahra said…
sorry for my late reply ,,,,i was soo busy ..and in this period of time i got tickets for london and the concert but somnthing happened to one of our close family members and i had to return the tickets and lost 80$ on my lp concert ticket :( and this is all new soo i'm still depressed .

do u feel cold and lost in desperation !? yes i do ,
u build up hope but failers all uve known ...yess.

i was soo sure this was gonna be the chance .but i missed it ;(
i'm depressed a bit ..i'm moveing on though .

hope u get meets and greets again ..omg i can remember when u told me u got a meet and greet last time and i was soo happy for ya ,

u go girl !
scream as much as u can at the show for me :D

sooooo when do u think they'll be coming to the states!?
At 1:31pm on October 17, 2010, psykobouliz said…
Yeah that's what i think too, we'll be on place around 9 or 10... I can't wait!!!! We'll have an amazing time! I'll give u my phone number on private message on facebook, like this we'll try o meet... Will u have a cell phone with you? I dunno if we can call each other, anyway we can try... lol
Good luck for the maths test! lol How happy am I not to be at school anymore!!!
I don't g to the LPN neither now, just wat for messages to check it... lol
Have you seen Lp's video Waiting for the end to come?
Yeah my annoying collegue is now gone, thankfully, i couldn't satnd more from her! We still find mistakes of her one month after she left! >__br /> I've been bad those last weeks but i feel very fine lately =) And holidays are soon, as my apartment to =) I can't wait for THIS too! lol
Hugs !
At 4:16am on August 15, 2010, RDE said…
Hi! :)

There should have been 2 boys in our M&G, but they missed it cause they were late. My boyfriend saw those guys trying to get in through the gates while we were chatting with Mike and Phoenix ;P Shame for them, they missed the chance of a lifetime!

I was shocked when I first heard the parts of the catalyst. But those were the parts of the LP featuring you contest and all the vocals and instruments were separated so I didn't know what to expect. I was especially surprised of Mike's vocals! And then when I heard the first little part of the actual song, I was even more shocked. It sounded like disco :D And very different. But I really liked the Medal Of Honor trailer part. The piano part is great. But now I've listened to the whole song about a million times and I really like it. The disco-part, too :D Nah, it's not really disco I shouldn't say that... The song is very different and a whole new style but it's still great :)
Haha, someone would've just said that "the song is nice" or "I don't like the song" but I just gave you a full analysis :D What do you think of it?

I still remember the day MtM came out. My brother came to pick me up in the middle of a school day and drove me to the cd store to buy the album :) And I had my portable cd-player with me that day and when I went back to school I just listened the album :))

The weather here is better. And I'm lucky, there hasn't been any storms in the northern parts of Finland. And I can guarantee the winter will come soon! :) And you can wear your new jacket! :) are you still a skirt-freak? :D I remember you have mentioned that you have a lot of skirts :)

My weekend has been quite nice. I have just relaxed :) Well, I'm always relaxing in the weekends while others are getting drunk in the bars. I'm not a partying-type of person at all! What about your weekend? Are you a party-animal? :D

Talk to you soon! <3
At 2:05am on August 11, 2010, zahra said…
ya the heats cooled of here too but we had a pretty hot summer(which i hate) ! ya i cant wait ...but theres a 10% chance we might not go but i hope we do...! i'll take pictures X)

oh the nobrain! ya i was soo happy 4 him and every time i hear his mix i just cant stop thinking about how happy his face was when he saw mike on skype ! it was soo cool!......i think his remix was real good tho...

the ironic thing about the catalyst was it came out on my b-day soo it was very special to me..and i heard it on the bbc radio 9the first time thecatalyst was previewed..and sooo lots of memories come with that song ! i loved it soo much it was difrent but i was soo ready 4 that ! fav parts the part where mike sing lift me up let me go...i got th epresale box btw and i'm not sad 4 paying all my savings for it lol X) i really cant wait for the album to kick in on September 14th!

what do u think!?
did u like the song!?
i know alot of fans didnt like it that much
i guess ur really waiting 4 them to come to ur country to see them live again ...
ur soo lucky! X)

oh crape school ! are school s start in a month w stil got some summer time...summers awesome ,,,,i'd hate it if school started in 2 weeks ,,, X) i need my vacation!!!lol.....
take care ,


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