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Dannie <3's Linkin Park & have since 1999

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Favorite Linkin Park song or album
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Breaking the Habit Video
A bit about myself (hobbies, music, gaming, art)
i screen write, act, and in trackk :) FAVROTIE BAND IS LP AND WILL FOREVER :)))
linkin park is my best and they changed me sooo muchh...<333
i have soo many reasons why they are my favorite...<3
I NO LINKIN PARK WONT READ THIS, (so long & its a fan mail, you wont write back or read it lol) BUT I'LL PUT THIS HERE ANYWAY CAUSE YOUR SO SPECIAL; AND TO GIVE IT A SHOT<3;;
1;; the band "Linkin Park" is actually the only band a talk about, and actually hear 24 seven <3 (no lie, even ask my little sister and older brother! lol) they actually made me think of most thing in some of their guuud songss<33 all songs Chester Bennington sings, are guuud :))) even from "Xero" and "Grey Daze" :) Chester was adorable in there! lol cause he sounds like a kid! a little kid! lol i juss think its cutee haha :P
2;; I actually love it when the band helps important situations;; for instance, "Hurricane Katrina," and "Haiti." I saw most pictures, and they were helping Haiti <3 I love them for helping something so important for the country, and that they need the help! Linkin Park, thank you for that acceptence<3
3;; Whenever i think about Linkin Park, I always get distracted about Linkin Park;; like whenever i hav a drama problem, your songs are the only songs i listen to, to actually make me feel better<3 that makes your band special to me :) i like thatt <3
4;; IN LOVE WITH CHESTER BENNINGTON xD I dont only like the band because of the lead singer, because of how cool your "LP TV" is & your music :)) /////// Chester Bennington is my idol <3 he has such a guud voice, (even in Chipmunk mode when i put it on high pitch lol;; same with Mike Shinoda haha) but Chester, i no you have been in such rough messes, and, i no how it feels, aloot....for instance, this can make you feel better..<3;;; ever since pre-skool, i was made fun of, and all everyone did, was hate me...i always told my mom didnt want to go to skool..but did anyway. cause all i did was look like cause my hair was crazy like hell back then, and, everyone didnt love talking to me, cause of wat i looked like..so, i didnt even get one single close friend till freshman year...(but they dont ask to hang much, cause were such a poor state so far lol) and oh, i forgot about talking about my family....my lord, my family is haorrible!...all my family did, 24 seven, was yell yell yell, and i can never have quietness...all their was in my family is banging doors, and slapping, sometimes i even cry cause it feels like i am not even alive and in this family...i wonder wat it feels like to be lucky, to actually love someone and kiss someone, and, to have a normal family...i wonder wat IS normal in life...so, Chester, i no how you feel alot when it comes to family as well </3...., and was always alone all the time, and every person i love, juss doesnt love me the same back cause of how much i love them, or, juss that i fall for the wrong people.in addition, the meaing for that, was because most of your songs actually mean alot to me, because...their all true about who i am, and my real life <3..like, "Valentines Day" that song is true...my true love left me, and is gone,,,and because of that..im all alone...hes happy with a gurl, and im all alone..Next;; "Not alone" for Haiti <3 i love that song, casue its about haiti, and appreciating it <3;; next, "breaking the habit"....yes, that song kills you...trst me, it also kills me, because my past lives i had so much habits i always did, and was alone...but i always try to break my habits and move on, but sometimes do the same and dont....but i do anyway...<3..(juss so you no, i looove the music vdeo<33 i thank Joe Hahn and all Japanese drawers<3 ANIME FOREVER! :) lolz) --Next;; "numb"....yes, that song makes alooot of sense....even the lyrics...they actually mean to you....i notice....because, when you hear it backwards, it says the meaning of the whole song, which you made...<3;; juss saying i no how you feel in alot of ways <3 i am deeply sorry for bringing up lives of your drugs and drinking, ( ifeel so bad...) but your cool for who you are<3..my only wish is to see you in New Jersey <3;;;
5;; I loove your "Dead by Sunrise" project <3 :)) it breaks yourself of who you are & your side project :)) i dont care wat other people say about it :) its cool however you make it, or wat you want to show everyone :) If i ever do see you linkin park;; i wont go crazy like every fan would do; i would freak out, but would talk to you if i can (might be shy lolzz)---most people in comments, and fan messages, are saying your different, because your music is softer, and less harder rock. they are saying that their disliking you because your not the old linkin park...DO NOT CARE WAT OTHER SAY<33 juss make your music for who you are <33 people that leave the fan groups and hate you, werent even linkin park fans from the start <3 i like you guys no matter how you make your music <3;;
6;; oooomg i need to say this, but Brad Delson, i looved your hair bushy! lmaoo it was sooo cool! lol Rob Bourdon, i loved you in;; "Papercut" <33 you were so cool! aand i use to be a drummer too <3 (also, you kinda remind me of the actor, "Ben Stiller" lolzz) Joe Hahn, you mean the whole world to me <3 for one main reason....bringing linkin park together <3 you are the greatest music DJ ever <3 aaaand your halerious in most times <33 Phoenix Farrell, my god at times i loved you in LP TV :))) actually i need to say, ALL OF YOU were funny and great in LP TV <33 you guys need to make more behind the scenes saga <33 MIKE SHINODA, ooomg you are like, my 2nd best idol!!! (Chester is first, sorry D: but, i love you all evenly! dont worry! lol) you love to draw, you love anime like i do, your middle name is Kenji, looove it lol and your funny! my two fav singers; Mike and Chester, the best funny people alive <333 :D love you ALL in LP! :D
6;; if i ever meet you in person LP, it would be fun <33 cause i love to fool around, and i might be shy for a couple of days, (2 or 1 lol but will get use to you) and i will sooooo go crazy, funny, and adorable! lol idk why i said adorable lolz but, if i ever get famous by my screenwriting (yes i screen write for movies) and acting (yes i can act lol) i will soooo dedicate you in most things, aand, put some of your music in my movies! <3 oor, even put you in it! :) i will definatly include you in most of my work, because you mean so much to me :)) not because you are famous, because of your funny personalities, and awsome rock band <33 dont be given up on me by linkin park breaking up, DONT EVER STOP!! your music in better than any band yet! my dream is to see you guys <3 we cant do crap to see you or win anything because of how poor we are :( but do not worry! when i get a job; (im only 15-16 years old) im saving my moneyy to actually go to a band to see you guys! <3
LP forever!! (sorry, I'm, kinda classified in real life lol) LP foreverr :)

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At 4:54am on April 7, 2011, Lílian Rachel said…

heeeeeeeeey sorry for late LOL

I'm fine and you? :D

At 6:23am on March 26, 2011, Vale said…
hey danielle! i like so much your new pic xD  btw im very fine abt you? :)
At 1:17pm on March 23, 2011, EvoOba said…
well I'm a senior and seniors here get to go on a 5 day trip with their school as a goodbye to the school life and a last journey with your classmates. it's so awesome! I can't believe its over already! :/
At 8:14am on March 23, 2011, EvoOba said…
hey! i\m doing awesome! I just got back from the best trip I had ever :D u?
At 5:05am on October 23, 2010, ┡^CindeRellA┒ said…
Hey, how's it going :)
At 8:33am on September 19, 2010, ploy said…
Hi ! ;)
At 8:59pm on September 15, 2010, jobinjames jose gave Danielle Kayy a gift
At 12:48am on August 4, 2010, LinkinParkElite said…
heyy :D
what do u think about the catalyst?
At 6:12am on August 1, 2010, twinklelp said…
At 6:04am on July 15, 2010, Surendra III ProUd SolDier III said…
where u lost mam
At 7:32am on July 9, 2010, CHAPS_LP said…
thank you. how r u? sorry for late reply...
At 9:56am on July 5, 2010, twinklelp said…
hi how r u doin' dear...........?
At 5:33am on July 04, 2010, shaw zhang gave Danielle Kayy a gift
hey,how r u?my friend
At 7:27am on June 16, 2010, Mary gave Danielle Kayy a gift
At 9:35am on June 15, 2010, Georgiaaa gave Danielle Kayy a gift
At 5:19am on June 7, 2010, LinkinParkElite said…
hi I'm back from vacation :D
how are you then?
At 1:09am on June 06, 2010, Jay Cнαz gave Danielle Kayy a gift
At 1:08am on June 6, 2010, Jay Cнαz said…
At 7:23am on June 3, 2010, em na^m' said…
Hello! I'm fine thank u. It's nice to become a friend of yours.
At 1:14am on June 3, 2010, Alina said…
Mine is Chester too :D


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