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I love Linkin Park, I love listen to their music for hours!!
I like meeting with my friends, drawing and travelling=)
I'd like to live in Australia, soon or later I'll go there with my friend Valentina=)


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At 5:09am on August 1, 2010, Deepak Senapati said…
Hope i could be one of ur friends who u will remember for ur entire lifetime..... Happy Frienship day..
At 10:35am on July 31, 2010, haniyeh641 said…
Hi dear friend =) first of all, sorry for my really late reply. i had gone to a vacation for a week. it was good. i kinda had fun in it =)) but the place i went was exteremly hot! =3 omg!..and after that, i was busy with school..even tho it's summer here but my school put some classes for us :(( that's so bad. i wanted to be free in my summer =\..ah...and also i had problems with my internet connection. but now i got a new server that is faster too. that's just cooool :D i needed it alot =)...so now i got a chance to write u :) so how have u been lately my friend?
LoL!! ya, some of coachs r so stupid! sometimes ordinary ppl can think and manage the team better than them :P...that's a great thing. i think swimming is so enjoyable =) i went to sea yesterday and it was alot of fun :D even tho my swimming is not good at all but i like it too. so keep on doing that :)
thx, oh LoL!! u want my name? ok, here it is ;D hehe :)...many kisses and hugs back to u dear federica =) have a coOo0oOol day. take care and bye byye :)))
At 10:05am on July 10, 2010, SPNkitkat said…
woohoo! Go Spain :D I hope they win :P
Yup, I've heard about the octopus.. hehe the octopus is a genius! And should be the richest animal in the world right now XD YES go octoPaul go! lol

lol I told you! Cas is really awesome :D Yup season 4 is great :)

I guess it is nice, yeah :)

w00t! I already heard, it's awesome!!!!! I can't wait till September! :D Two of my favourite bands are releasing an album in September AND Supernatural season 6 comes back on TV! How awesome is that?!?! :D
Well, the single comes out in August, so that's pretty soon :)
At 6:45pm on July 7, 2010, SPNkitkat said…
Awww that sucks! :( I think Spain's still in.. I haven't really been checking. lol.

Aww thanks :) Well not really that many, but I did buy some :P
Oooh, cool :D I can't wait to know what u think of him ;)

Haha we used to fight a lot when we were younger, but not any more, now I don't even see him much any more! He's almost 21, so he's in University & he has a girlfriend & everything XD He goes out all the time. But I guess when I do see him nowadays, we usually get along.
At 10:13pm on July 3, 2010, SPNkitkat said…
Yay! :) haha cool, so we're both backing good tames now :P
I wonder if they'll both end being in the grand final! That'd be funny. ;)

I'm sorry the reply is so late, I haven't really been checking my emails much =/ I slept over at a friends house a couple of nights ago, and I've been out shopping & everything usual. :P I don't really have that many plans.

Yeah, I've got an older brother. U? ^_^
At 10:39pm on July 2, 2010, Diegodo613 said…
At 10:35pm on June 28, 2010, SPNkitkat said…
oh really! lol that sucks! haha I'm sure you're not brining em bad luck! :P
Yeah I was thinking of going for either Spain or Argentina, so I went with Spain XD

lol yeah that sounds like us too! -I mean, how we are now, rather than how I used to play before :P

:D yeah!
At 9:40pm on June 27, 2010, SPNkitkat said…
awww. lol alright, ur going for england? hmm I was thinking of going for Spain, I've heard they're really good ^_^

wow. yeah teachers can be really annoying sometimes >_> Well kinda... back when I was at my old school I had lots of friends that were boys, so we used to play together xP hehe I don't think we really played proper games though, just kinda messed around kicking the ball to each other :P

lol, same! I have no idea how to do it either =P
I'm on holidays now!! =D =D For 2 weeks! woohoo! XD
haha, so I sure will have a great weekend, thank you! Hope you do too! :D
At 8:52am on June 26, 2010, haniyeh641 said…
Hiiii my friend (: how r u?
ur welcome dear :)...ohh ya, but i am sorry. italy couldn't go to upper level. they could do better i think. they deserved more =/.....hehe, ya. most of the girls don't like soccer nowadays. i am happy too that u like it =))
aww, sorry :P so i guessed wrong ;) LoL!!....sampdoria is a good team too :)
i do too :) and i've been spending lots of my time with my friends. and that's cool =)....well, sometimes i play badminton, or soccer. but just for fun :) how about u???
well, have a good weekend federica and take care. kisses and hugz to ya :* bye bye :)
At 7:59am on June 26, 2010, SPNkitkat said…
lol yeah xP
awww Italy lost! :( :( I saw the end of that game -I was sleeping over at my friends' house -the one that's got Italian parents- so they were watching. I'm sorry, I think u guys are out too!! :( Devastating!
haha who do I go for now??

aha, cool ;P yeah, u get to choose out of quite a lot, I guess ;) But I really hate some of them, so I usually just stick to cricket for Summer sports & Hockey for the Winter. I've neevr played volleyball. I have a friend who does though, she's really good at it & she loves it :D
haha soccer's not bad, but I'm also not very good at it. I used to play quite a bit when I was younger, actually :)
Yeah, hockey's fun! You should give it a go sometime ^_^

lol okay :P yeah they are really great! :D Yup a lot of it was made on photoshop. I've tried to use it, but I can't really do muchl. I have no idea how to use it like some people do. THey create the most awesome things on it! xD

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