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Favorite Linkin Park song or album
Sounds cheesy, but I love every song and every album :)
Favorite Linkin Park video
Same...(although Breaking The Habit truly is a masterpiece, in my opinion!)
A bit about myself (hobbies, music, gaming, art)
Hey I'm Leonie, 16 years old and from Germany :D I love drawing/ painting, I play football and do a lot of sports, apart from Linkin Park I'm huge fan of: MUSE, Radiohead, Dead by Sunrise, The Temper Trap, Arcade Fire, Mumford and Sons, Limp Bizkit, I do also love The Rising Tied!
Music is my life, I think I couldn't even enjoy my favourite hobby (art) without music, it lights my day (especially before 8 hours of school!).

-This show is one of the best I've seen them play. Anyone who isn't a Muse fan is banned from music for life!!!
Muse is putting on a fucking clinic right now!!!!! Fuck they rule!!!!!!!!!-

I do have two favourite bands, and now they are actually talking about each other...in a positive way! HOW DOPE IS THAT? Thank you so much Chester, those words absolutely made my day (and the following weeks hehe :D). You have a GOOOOD taste ;)

Music = Life

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At 2:03am on January 1, 2011, Boy Charles said…
Happy New Year 2011 Hope You're Happy Do what you like.
At 9:56pm on December 09, 2010, 0♪ ♥♫ Jatin Meshram♪♥ ♫0™ gave Leonie a gift
thanks for adding dear........ how r u??????????????
At 11:26pm on December 08, 2010, Sayan Chakraborty gave Leonie a gift
At 2:21pm on May 2, 2010, Zahra QWERTY! said…
hey darling… how r u? wassup?
Im so sry for replying back this late=( im really bz these days with uni… but u don forget me my buddy^^
Oh am happy leonie to hear that=) u c, I’ve been searchin more, in books, to know more abt the things I told ya… to b sure abt what I said… so I can tell u more if u like… and u can tell them to ur mom too=) …. c’mon sweety, it doesn’t matter… u can know more abt ur religion if u like… it won’t take u so much time… interest is needed, that I think u have… so we can share info… what do u think?

Now im gonna tell u the things I got abt the Madonna and our beliefs=)
well… she was “Amran”s daughter (am not sure abt the pronunciations cuz they’re Arabic names)… her mother: Henne, her brother “Harun”…
She was innocent and one of the most beautiful girls ever… she would receive food n fruits directly from god, without others seeing how… fruits of summer in winter n fruits of winter in summer… she was virgin, but god sent her his angel and he gave life to jesus Christ in her womb… for a while she was away from ppl, and when she got back with her child, everybody started to disgrace her, saying she was a prostitute, and spreading rumors… but she was sacred… btw god has chosen 4 ladies the best, among which there is Mary…
We believe in Christ as other prophets… like Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammad, Josef, Job, David…
Christ had many miracles… to help ppl believe god and him as his messenger… he could talk when was a baby… he could heal diseases… could reanimate… knew abt secrets…

Oh leonie, I wish u luck buddy… sometimes study sux i c, but if u wanna get ur fav job, u should acc difficulties=) and hey, whats ur fav job… I mean, what r u gonna reach in future?

C’mon leonie!! r u kiddin me?=D u know I cannot go to lp concerts unless I travel abroad! So plz don rub salt into my wound! xD lol
Take care Liebling<3
At 10:25pm on April 15, 2010, Zahra QWERTY! said…
ya it can seem funny too!=D but our new yr’s time is kinda different n unique… its usually on march 21… its according to the earth’s orbits around the sun n its spirals around itself, and after 365 days (if leap yr its 366days) the new yr arrives=P

talkin abt religions… um… for me, im a muslim… but we believe in jesus Christ as well, and in moses n Abraham n Job usw… but what we believe is kinda different, abt jesus… accordin to that, jesus was not crucified, but it was judas…. All that hapnd that day was that god made judas look exactly like jesus, so those ppl caught him wrongly n crucified him instead… and then jesus, is now in heaven safe n sound, but he will come back one day and it’s the resurrection=)
and we also believe in someone who will have a resurrection that day with Christ… he lived around 1200yrs ago and was our last holy leader.. but when he was in danger of being killed by his enemies, god supported him n cloaked him…. And til this day he’s still alive and observes us and even lives among us ppl, and helps us without making us distinguish that…

btw, I like ur holidays=D oh, so much of that… mmm well, for us. Its like almost 3weeks for new yr for students (but just a week for offices n things), then 3 months (!!!) summer vacation, and many other national days n religious ones…=D

have fun=)
At 12:58am on April 9, 2010, Zahra QWERTY! said…
hi dear leonie, hows it goin?=)
sry Im replyin late, im so bz these days… uni n assignments n stuff…. Oh god!=D
ya, ur pix n drawings r fantastic… I like em=) and I wish mike sees them n lets u know his comment on em^^
im fine… just have so many things to do for uni… we don have easter holiday in iran, but almost at the same time we had new yr vacation!=D it was around 3 weeks, wow… awesome=)) it was from mid march to april 3…. It was fun… its been like a custom for thousands of yrs….^^
what abt easter? I jus know a lil bit of it//
and other holidays n vacations in germany… do u have many of em during a yr?
At 1:09am on March 28, 2010, Todraw said…
Hi, ja das sollten alles meine bilder sein.^^ und Danke fürs adden.^^
At 4:28am on March 11, 2010, Zahra QWERTY! said…
oh leonie, when i just imagine ur friend... beside chester... oh gosh!!! what an AWESOME moment=(((( lucky her=X

i donno the bands u named... but i will search their songs=) i wish u a REAL lp cocert=D u wish me that too;)
At 11:11pm on March 2, 2010, Zahra QWERTY! said…
wow!! ur friend's sooo lucky=)
did she meet chester in person, im mean close to him?!!!

btw, ur so kind honey:) thnx 4 everything
and about the other bands... well, im into "30 seconds to mars", "the rasmus", "TH", "anathema", and somehow Evanescence, Pink, Nena, Oomph!,... :D
what about u?
At 12:15pm on February 23, 2010, Zahra QWERTY! said…
Oh thnx Leonie:X ur so great n kind:) Im really grateful of that and b sure that ur explaining really well=)
U c, I hadn’t gotten it cuz I’ve just learned the present simple and im not good at it yet:D and I know no other tenses! A little of past simple, but its difficult 2 be memorized…

we’ve been studying the book Berliner Platz 1… I hope I could study that thoroughly, but as the matter of bein BZ I just take a look at it every once in a while=( aber, wenn ich habe eine freundin wie dich, it really gives me motivation to try harder:D
Latin is perfect, I really like the rhythm of that:) I wish u luck btw:X and thnx 4 all ur help honey:) I’ll b glad to get ur advices too=X


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