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Student. Art. Designer. Couch surfer. Food. Bullshits. Zombies. Party hard. Insta@micky_money

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At 7:43am on July 24, 2011, d3d3lgohan said…

So have u seen transformers 3 ? xD. Well, l8ly i had so fun with my friends & my bro by having some parties (vieo games, card games) =] . Uhm what do u mean by "there r no seasons here" in ur country ? ^^

btw now i've got all the main albums  of LP in cd ! *.* (HT, M, MTM, ATS) & also "road to revolution", in ATS ther's a dvd live from Madrid too ;P yaaaay !! i'm so happy !! :D  & i got a LP T-shirt so beautiful *.* & i also customised my shoes with LP just like u ;p i'll post some pics ;) .

So waiting 4 ur news super sis! :D cya! take care have fun, looooovvvveee yaaaa so muuuuch !! :D <3<3 :)) 

At 7:42am on July 24, 2011, d3d3lgohan said…

Hi super ! :D <3 <3<3 sorry it's been a while i'ven't let u hear from me ^^" how r u? :) well abt my final exam i failed i'ven't passed it u_u doesn't even matter ^^" that diploma didn't match 2 what i wanna do l8er so nevermind ^^" life goes on :). So 4 next year 4 the time being i've got no school o_O but i'm searching 4 ;) anyway i found smth on the net :D it seems 2 B a nice school of drawing & graphism :P it's correspondance course x) & private too :s so probably it's gonna B too expensive 4 me & my parents  :s i guess i've gotta work if i really wanna pay that kinda school >< i show u the link (it's in french) ^^" 


look at the rubrics "graphisme" (so "graphism" xD) & "dessin" ("drawing") that's what i took an interest in =) look at this & next time ask me 4 any translation ;) then i cliked on "demande de documentaion" ("ask for documentation") so i had 2 give my contact details & some days after it a woman called me at my cellphone :D she gave me some informations & asked me some questions abt my motivations =) that school looks so cool for these reasons : no need of any diploma, correspondance course so i can study at my own tempo x) so that i could find a job at the same time 2 earn some money =P or try another kinda study too :D & i think of having some more drawing lessons (outa school) to improve my drawing ^^ . What abt u abt school ? :)


At 6:39am on March 10, 2011, Anna Fair said…
Dude, I'm terribly sorry for being sooooo late but I haven't been on LPN for like years! O_O Anyway, hope you're having a great time at your place and I wish you all the very best! :D Irrelevant but, OH MAH FUCKING GOD, even though Ace died many episodes before I still can't believe it! Hope to hear from you soooooon! x
At 5:14pm on January 29, 2011, Vale said…
heeeeey my cute friend micky!! ;D  im very fine and happy!! ^^  but im really so tired and busy too!! now im doing a course to become a multilanguages programmer but its too fucking hard!!! i came back to school!! every morning i have to wake up at 6.15 to stay at school at 8.20..  i hope i will be able to success but it seems impossible for now ://  with my girl is alrigth too even if we have always little arguings.. its normal i think we cant be always "perfects" xD :)  abt your boys??  come on i bet there is something up xDD  abt school? how is it going?  you passed all your exams???  i bet you rock there!!! :P  abt LP my fav would be WFTE , the catalyst , blackout and all!! XD  tell me news everything you want to share i will be glad to answer you sooner than i can!! ^^   wish you the best too as always!! hugs and kisses to you dear!! <3 =)
At 12:57pm on December 2, 2010, Anna Fair said…
You went to Universal Studios?! Woah, you're so lucky girl! Hope you had a great time. :D School is fine, bearable but dead tiring these days. :( Anyway, of course I would cry about Ace because he's such an amazing character and I sometimes wish he was real... :S So, tell me your news next time! Have fuuuuuuuuuuuun. :D
At 1:40pm on November 25, 2010, Anna Fair said…
HELLO! :D Sorry for the late reply too, it was a long time since I last visited LPN. O_o Anyway, that is so great about your exams, gongratulations. :D About me, exams are taking over my soul. :S Anyway, AGAIN. :P Sadly there are people like that in my school too and I seriously hate them. OH! And have fun during your holidays (If I'm not late to wish you that... :P) About my name, yes. It comes from Ace. I decided to use because I really like his character and I cried when he died in the manga series. :'(
At 9:16am on October 13, 2010, d3d3lgohan said…
Hii super sis Micky!! :D <3 how r u doing? waow oh damn 1 month ago i didn't answer .... i use 2 answer l8 ^^" but i think u got use to it in time xD so i should stop apologise for it lol ^^" well u'r gonna work on december? where? suuuure every teenagers need cash xp i wonder if humans were not born for money ^^" lol btw u got ur exams results? :) i hope they r good ^^ hihi yes i'd like so much 2 Bcome a designer of the video games :D but i think that idea is dead :S cuz i think i can't change kinda school studies & so on .... dun know how 2 explain it .... uhm it's cuz i'm in a bacalaureate that doesn't match to that job :S so i've to start again 2 another 1 but it's gonna B complicated to change & find where 2 go :( i dun even know what to do ... I hate my actual studies ... my will 2 keep on working & studying at school there is gone =/ i got very bad marks & i almost have no time anymore 2 do my homeworks , all my lessons r in a mess :S , i'm lazy & tired, i do nothing anymore or almost .... tss "><", plus there r some perturbations of public transports at the moment so i missed school 2day & yesterday .... how it's going on 4 u at school ?
well.. let's talking abt another topic .... uhm food! :P so u ate in a pizzeria? right? i luv it! :D specially with hot sauce :P it's so yummy 8P have u ever tast a cappuccino? ^^ uhuh i like ur slogan "humans are born to eat" xD Btw i got Halo reach :D so cool x) next time i think i'm gonna buy the new Naruto on Xbox 360 too :P plus i'm waiting for the Nintendo 3DS to come in my country ^^ can't wait x) . So u want some others bad words from french? xD Uhm but i dun remember what i already told u xD can u recape me it plz dear sis? ^^" ahah thx for yours ;P can u tell me more too? xD Btw what do u think abt the new LP album? :D
A lot of kisses & hugs to my super greedy lovely sis ;P take care cya! =)) <3
At 2:28am on October 1, 2010, Anna Fair said…
Helllllloooooooo! School has started for a month and I already hate it. Never liked it to be truly honest. :P Teachers, books, subjects and SOME students... Pff... Anyway, how are you doing? Are you having a good time? :)
At 3:39am on September 28, 2010, Vale said…
heeey sweet and cute micky!! <3 :D well yeah im very happy with her and in love more and more everyday x))) abt your bf?? come on i bet many guys would look 4 you ;) so how are your exams going?? i hope you enjoyed the break at max!! ;D wooow an italian restaurant!! usually italians go abroad to make a lot of money cause we rock abt food eheheh xD so you go there often?? :P anyway which is your fav song from ATS? see you soon and wish you the best cooolest malaysian gir <3 hugs and kisses to you!! ^^
At 6:24am on September 12, 2010, Anna Fair said…
I forgot I had a LPN page! O.O Anyway, this summer I was just chilling at home. Now schoold starts again, so as usual boredom will consume me! How are you btw? Had fun? :D

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