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At 1:02am on January 27, 2013, Sanida said…

Hi Hiroko,

I am so happy to hear from you again! I was afraid we couldn't contact each other any more.

Wow, I saw your pictures from Lisbon! It is such a beautiful city! I have to go and visit someday soon :)))

Thank you for sharing your pictures with me. I'm glad you had a great time and the weather seems so nice on your pictures - sunny and blue skies in December!

I am enjoying our winter time in Sarajevo by driving to mountains on some weekends. It is surreal that we have such beautiful mountains at only 30 minutes drive from our home. When I visit I feel like I'm in some other country, like Austria on Apls.

I sent you a personal message on this site with my email address in it. Maybe we can stay in touch by email. It is safer then depending on this site :) I never visit my old myspace page anymore and I don't have a facebook page (I used one that my sister created to see your pics).

Have a great week,


At 9:30am on January 6, 2013, Sanida said…

Happy New Year, Hiroko! I hope everything is okay. Haven't heard from you in a while...

At 4:49am on December 8, 2012, Sanida said…

Hi Hiroko,

How was your trip to Portugal? I would love to visit Lisbon. It seems to be a beautiful city!

Winter started here, and today we have our first bigger snow. I like it, I enjoy it more than those crazy high summer temperatures :)

I was just working the past month and enjoying our beautiful mountains around Sarajevo on the weekends. I'm looking forward to New Year's when we get 2 days off. I'll just stay at home and relax :)

Looking forward to hearing about your trip :)

At 1:33am on November 3, 2012, Sanida said…

Hi Hiroko,

I read the article about your son. It's really cool he could find traditional Japanese martial art in Qatar! Thanks for sharing with me.

How have you been? I took few days off work during Eid celebration last week. It is still a really nice weather in Sarajevo, so I'm spending each weekend somewhere outdoors. Today I'm driving my sister and I to the mountains next to Sarajevo. Autumn colors are beautiful right now, so I enjoy walking and taking pictures.

I'm always amazed how much you have traveled! I hope I get to travel as much as you did in my life :)

What was your favorite Italian city? I saw Florence ,Verona and Venice so far, and was mesmerized by Florence. Can't wait to visit it in May and stay for a few days. We've got a hotel next to the Santa Maria Novella, and I'm so excited about that!

I like Botticelli's paintings as well and will visit museums while there.

Have a great weekend :)


At 6:55am on September 23, 2012, Sanida said…
Thank you :) I was driving today with my father. He wants to teach me to drive better. He drove for many years at work as electrician before he got job at desk, so he drives really good. I had a lot of fun today driving around hills outside of Sarajevo.
We don't have much live music here. I would love to go and listen to live jazz or rock like you do.
I'm planning the trip to Italy right now. My sister and I will visit Rome and Florence in May next year. I saw Florence a little bit once and love so I can't wait to visit it. We'll stay for 3days there and also visit Pisa.Do you have any plans for your winter vacation?
Have a great week :)
At 7:49am on September 16, 2012, Sanida said…

Hi Hiroko,

I'm doing good, thank you. How are you? You must be busy with school again.

I got my driving license two weeks ago and now I've been driving on weekends. I love it. I waited with getting a license until I could make enough money to pay for all expenses and could plan for new car. Now I'm driving our family car which is really old, but I plan on getting me a new one in spring, when I have had enough practice.

I saw your pictures on Facebook and they are beautiful! I really like South Korea from your photos. I'm glad you had a good time there and also that you could see your son after :)

Where is he working now?

I haven't heard that guitarist from Montenegro you've mentioned, but I'm glad you like him. It's so weird you heard about him from so far away :)

Take care.

At 5:19am on July 20, 2012, Sanida said…

I'm happy you can visit LP site again with Firefox :) Glad I could help!

I came back from my trip to Germany and am enjoying few more days at home before I go back to work. Ramadan has started today so it's nice to start fasting at home.

I loved Munich and Neuschswanstein castle in south Germany. They have so many parks and green spaces, it was lovely. In Sarajevo there are almost no green spaces, govt is just building new buildings everywhere and that makes me sad. Sorry to hear that Japan gvt doesn't care about environment or people. Nuclear plants are such a hazard and they should stop them. You're not boring me with writing about that, I want to know how you feel and it's also new to me, since they cover it very good on television and media. The rest of the world seems to think that everything is back to normal in Japan, and from you I can learn that it's still sadly not...

I'm glad to hear your son is coming back. I know it will make you very happy to see him :)

I'm still sorting my photos and it will take me some time to upload them all to my webshots page, but I already have few albums up, so if you have time and if you are interested, you can visit.

Have a great weekend and talk to you soon!

At 10:20am on June 22, 2012, Sanida said…

Hi Hiroko,

I'm doing good and happy it's weekend :)

It's really hot in Sarajevo these days and I don't like that.

I haven't heard Linkin Park's new album yet, but I'm sure I wont like it either if you don't like it.

It's so sad they can't make good music like first two albums anymore.

My favorite place in Istanbul are two mosques: Blue and Rustempasha. I was mesmerized with them.

Topkapi was nice, but I kept comparing it with Versailles, so I couldn't fully enjoy it.

Are you on summer break? Our schools are on break.
I can't wait for my next vacation in July to Germany. It will be more relaxing trip, visiting castles and lakes...

Enjoy the weekend.

At 2:49am on June 9, 2012, RANCHAN said…
I could see your pics you took in Istanbul.Thank you for sharing.
They are very beautiful. You often take heritage with flowers. I like them.

Topkapi palace is great and beautiful palace.
I would like to go there again.
I went there in winter,It was rain.
Where is yor favorite place in Istanbul?
At 6:10am on April 27, 2012, Sanida said…

Hi Hiroko,

Thank you for your reply. I am always happy when I get a response from you. I feel like we've been friends for many years now, but it's only been a few years :)

First I wanna say happy birthday one day in advance! I wish you all the joy and happiness in the world!

I really like Burn it down! It sounds like LP again, and it made me nostalgic too! LP reminds me of my high school, since I listened to them then. It's so weird how time flies by and that I've been working for 2 years now! I still feel like a kid.

Thanks for saying that I'm good at my work. I can see that your son is very good at his job. You must be very proud of him. I hope he likes Doha.

Sorry to hear about japanese conditions. Media covers so much up! We in Europe think that everything is fine in japan and that there is no nuclear crisis. It makes me sad that politicians only care about money...

I am traveling to Istanbul tomorrow, so I'll talk to you again when I get back and show you my pictures :)

Enjoy your weekend.




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