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Welcome to my page

Always Sunny Through Them!

I'd like to introduce.....Love of My Life!!!!!!!!!!

Profile Information

Favorite Linkin Park song or album
all of them are so special for me that I can't make a choice :)
A bit about myself (hobbies, music, gaming, art)
hey everybody! i'm Deniz from Ankara, Turkey.i'm 17 years old and studying on the 3rd grade of high school.
I love LINKIN PARK sooo...o much! feeling them always with me, they are the coolest band ever for me! I'm very proud of being a fan of these awesome guys..I found LP through Joe(my favorite member:))..While I was searching an artist called Sung Kang,saw a man called Mr. Hahn and fell in love with him at the moment.lol..have been listening to them since 2005.
btw i'm a drummer and hoping to be a drummer like Rob!!
sorry for my bad English~

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At 3:18am on March 5, 2011, Veronika Murr said…

aalllright!! when do you open your facebook again? like to chatt with you there again :D :D

sooo im great to ! :))) and sad in other ways.

but thats life.. lOL : D

the snow finally goes away.. and the sun is shining im so so happy, when comes the summer???????

i love you and miss you ♥♥♥

and ps :


At 3:47am on February 17, 2011, Veronika Murr said…




At 5:50am on February 13, 2011, Cat_ said…

Hi! I'm sorry I haven't said anything earlier, but I have been very busy with school. And, to be honest, I kind of disconnect myself a little from the website. I don't really use this anymore. I rather use Facebook and Twitter.

Again I'm sorry for not saying anything sooner. I miss talking to you too =)


At 9:59am on January 31, 2011, Veronika Murr said…

alright, but im not so often online here like in fb :D im a fb junckie :D


At 6:02am on January 21, 2011, shaw zhang said…

oh that's great .DENI..I really miss u so much .it seems that we havent catched each other and have a talk for abt half of a year..My holiday have already started .But i find nothing to do .Most of my time just spend on listening music and doing something boring..so cant wait can have a conversation with right now.I reaaaly wanna hear something great or interesting form u..life is so boring ..and my extra classes (TOEFL) will begin at 23th of this month .

wll..currently I find a french singer Jena LEE,AND I love her songs so much . u can search for and have a listen of 'em .

In China the most important festival "Spring Festival" will coming .It is  big in our culture .Everyone has to  go back home to share their things with their families.(That is where it is from,but nowdays it doesnt like that.lol..)

love u ,dear

At 4:54am on January 20, 2011, shuyin 书茵 said…
HHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIII:) DENISE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) im fine :)   sooo happy to hear from u!!!!!!!!:) my dear i miss u 2:)  HAPPY NEW YEAR :) ooohhh ... i spend the Christmas day on the train to home ... a little stupid ..play porker with my friends all the day .....BUT there's snow on our train:) !!! soo big and beautiful  all the way home :)  what about ur holiday?:) ennn :) i will go to Dalian this month :)  soooo exciting :)  have   a nice awesome good day and holiday!!!!!:) big big love from me to you:)  !!!!!! cu:)
At 10:28am on January 19, 2011, Veronika Murr said…

deni deni deni!

we are online at the same time??

Are you online? :D :D

At 6:59am on January 10, 2011, shaw zhang said…

well,i coundnt open Utube in China ,they fliter that webside ,but the last one i opened ,i know that ,we used to talk that in summer i can still remeber. u r right ,sharing love is the most important .

everything goes well around u ? and how abt ur studies , i presume u have done the best .for now it is the end of my semester and my last test will be over tomorrow..wish me can do better,lol...n of'course the winter holiday is come ,how abt that in tukey ?how many months do u have in that holiday,?

best wishes to u dear...miss u much ,hope could see u on MSN one day


At 3:47am on January 5, 2011, Veronika Murr said…

yeahh the money is a little problem : D my boss pay me very well, but its not engouh.. a car is very exensive , by the way do you know that? i have my own car now!! a suzuki swift in mettalic black .. I love it ♥♥♥♥

but i think all young people have the same prolbem.. money is never enough : D

soo my daily routine.. well.. : D i usuaally get up at 5: 30 ( i know tooo early :D ) and go to work at half past seven.. i work till 11 o clock, than i drive home.. mostly i sleep, chatt with friends, or meet them : D at 6 p.m i started work again untill half past ten. then i come home and sleep.. on my free days i always make party :) :) or go sking or something : ) and i must say i like it how it is, the only thing i wish is that i have free on weekends more often , but in a hotel its no so easy 7 days a week open .-. xD tell me aboout your routine!

i liiiiiiiiikkeee yaaa!! ♥♥♥♥

At 7:29am on January 4, 2011, shaw zhang said…
yea.Just OK,,i usedto so bank on the New year 'cause i expect that could be a new day of me, i mean a new born for me, U know ,i've been suffered lots in 2010, i wanna get me an excuse to forget those sadness and frustations,but the new year is still like usual , no thing basically change, maybe that has some disappoint for me.and i dont know why, i cant stop to think those sadness and that still made me couldnt sleep the whole night, what fuuny,i even felt more sad at the first time when i come in the first of 2011....
Well..forget my complans....how abt u?? ur studies ??the final must be closing ,i guess,and u can absolutely do them very well, dear.and i'm so happy to see u r feel great ,excited in the New year with your famlies and of'course your dreams and wishes would become ture..talking abt wishes, i just hope 2011 would be a normal noraml year for me, i do reeeally not hope something sad happen around me..and hope i can do best in Detroit ,(i have sand my marks and apps to the Detroit college now)
.btw..ur mail isnt come till now,maybe the postman left it in the 2010,..and i really miss u soooo much..love u dear and 2011 it more close to our fantastic tour ..lol
love u ...dear

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