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[i] the memory wont escape me, but why should I care [/i]

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I play guitar 2 years now and i'm studying hard to go to music academy

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At 4:41pm on June 18, 2010, Vale said…
heeey cute gwen!!! x) so how are you now?? i guess you already have finished exams right?? so you are enjoying summer at all!!! ;D abt me im just trying to get enough ready 4 upcoming exams.. im too worried wish me luck pls xD :SS and i pray 4 LP coming here!! damn they go everywhere except italy!!! -.- here its so hot i need to go to beach all the time!! abt there? tell me all your news you know i love talking to youu xD cya soon <3 :D
At 2:37pm on June 9, 2010, Vale said…
heeeey cute gwen!!! <3 im very happy 4 you i see you enjoyed the pinkpop festival at max!!! slash is actually awesome!!! :O and dont tell me you are going to see LP too!!! damn they have to come in italy too heeey!!! xDD btw have you used the LPU trial code?? i dont know if i can use whenever i want.. be sure to take lot of pics and a video of your performance at the academy!!! :P abt me im just too fucking busier than ever!!! i am trying to prepare my final and hardest exams ever.. im too worried and scared shit :// except that everything is alright!!! here its too hot!! i need beach!! abt there?? cya soon dear keep being coool <3 x))
At 6:02am on May 29, 2010, Vale said…
heeey awesome gwen!!! missed you looots!!! :D im very happy to see your comment again ;D so tell me more abt the music academy!!! ^^ and how is it going with school and all the rest?? aahaha cool so did your friend like rome?? :P well abt me im too fucking busy with school you guessed it right :// but i have too much fun as soon as i can!! xD today i played football , went to market and now im going to rome buying sone new cds and gadgets and i will go to see prince of persia tonight ;D abt you?? tell me your news dear!!! btw you like blackbirds??? cya sooon gwen <3
At 3:48am on April 1, 2010, Vale said…
hii my dear and cute gwen!!! <3 i miss u soooooooo much!!! :'(( i hope to talk to u so sooon :D i cant wait to hear how was your performance 4 charity , u will be awesome ;) so how was the destine's concert?? i have to check them out right now so xD ohh shit i will so happy to see u when u come in rome!!! im sad that u wont come next year :// but i hope u will have so much fun in norway too =) btw here everything is going so perfect!!! without school i am soo happy!! i almost always go out and i come back on late night and its so sunny and hot!!! plus as roma won the most important match ever!!! we are all soo excited and full of happiness!!! soon i must start to study again but right now i try to not think abt it :SS how are u lately??? tell me all your news nice gwen u know i love to talk to u ^^ btw do u like the new LPTv episode abt the LP game?? wish u the best as always gwen , kisses <3 =D
At 4:57pm on March 11, 2010, Vale said…
hiiii super cute/cool girl gwen! <3 i missed u soooooooooooo fucking much!!!! :((( but dont be sorry abt late reply , i definitely understand u ;) woow u write a song i want to see it as well! ^^ and u know im too damn busy and stressed too cause of school :// i get too many exams and things to learn all the time.. weeks are like hell 4 me :S but tomorrow all my class will drop school and go to eat in restaurant together cause its a traditional thing that all the last year students make 100 days before the final shitty terrible exams.. u know here its so weird there is sun and then rain.. totally strange xD are u not going to make the video 4 LP contest i bet right?? u wouldnt have time neither like me :/ i got some cool plans 4 weekend but next week i already know i will have to face a lot of exams :( so i hope u are soo better than me and see u soooon honey!!! <3<3 =D
At 1:22pm on February 25, 2010, Vale said…
hii my dear cuty gwen! <3 :D i missed u soo much i like a lot to talk to u ^^ what the others think abt your piercing??? its perfect according to me ahah xD u actually must go to rome one day sooner than u can cause its really the best city ever trust me :PP and then i want to meet uuu *_* xD school makes me be soo busy and stressed as always :// and roma just lost tonight and that was soo terrible cause we went out from the european cuo :(( i hope u have many and good news ;D love u coolest norvegian girl , keep rocking <3 ;)
At 4:43pm on February 19, 2010, Vale said…
hii my cute and dear gwen!!!! <3 i missed talking to u sorry 4 the late reply :S u know what??? i definitely love your pics!! u are cooler and better than how i was expecting xD and piercing is just perfect on your nose!!! really great ;) ahaha finally someone noticed how amazing is my favourite norvegian rockstar gwen! xD rock on u are the best i bet that ;) try to keep on doing both the schools ok?? dont waste anything =) whaaat?? could u come in rome next year??? if its true so i will be too fucking happy and i want to meet u as well!!! :DD u will love this city trust me ;D here school is so shitty today i got the warning by my teacher and she was so worried abt my marks and so on :S i need to study a lot in fact i got extra math lessons today.. i survived but i dont know how , maybe your wishes helped me a lot xD finally its weekend and i wont have to go to school on monday :D tell me your news and your plans 4 the weekend if u got some :P wish u the best honey see u sooon <3 =)
At 3:31pm on February 15, 2010, Vale said…
hii super awesome and cute norvegian girl gwen!!! <3 :D your pics get even better everytime!!! i bet the one with piercing will be soo perfect as well ;D cant wait 4 that xP i saw inglorious basterds too isnt it a wonderful movie?? i mean its gory and so on but it wants to explain something really good and useful ;) i didnt see the show of uri geller how is that??? :D i must check it out soooon xD u know it snowed on here too!!! it was so unbelievable it never snows in rome! it was a miracle and i was too happy!!! ^^ i will put some pics abt that on here ;D 4 u snow is a bothering thing , 4 me its wonderful , it didnt snow since 1985 when it was just a little snow :S my week started so stressing coming back to school -.- u know that.. but weekend was perfect thx to snow and as roma who always keeps winning!!! xD tell me everything aby the beginning of your awesome cool free week without the hellish school ;)) i really hope u will enjoy it at max dear , have fun and keep being the amazing girl u are <3 =D
At 7:32am on February 12, 2010, Vale said…
hii cute gwen woow u got very nice pics lately i like so much this new one too! xD which movie u saw at cinema?? my last one was paranormal activity ;) i believe in these supernatural events u know :P u know here in rome it rained!!! its the 1st time! 30 years ago it was just little piece of snow but today finally i saw snow 4 the first time in rome! u know how wonderful it is to see the capital covered by that white gold ;D we are all too excited abt snow its a real historical event!!! :D i usually go out a lot in the night when i havent school and i missed it until today cause it was closed xD tell me all your news my dear and cool rockstar gwen :P kisses to u <3 ^^
At 7:43am on February 6, 2010, Vale said…
hii my awesome and lovely gwen!! :D im glad to reply u again ^^ damn fucking asshole teachers they should come back to be humans :S aahah yeah i can imagine how cool was to see that guitar ;D anyway today i entered on msn with invisible status and i saw u got a new nice pic with your guitar! i like it so much! ;) so when your holidays will start exactly?? i wont go to school on wednesday , thursday and friday even if i dont know why yet xD u know the new album will be released on the end of the year! im so disappointed and angry too this time!! :(( how is your weekend anyway? im having lot of fun i will tell u abt it later ;D wish u the best cool rocker girl , kisses to u ^^


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